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Reset admin password clearly

Friday, December 9th, 2011

The use of the second hand computers becomes more and more popular. Well, it is both economical and environmental to take use of second hand goods, but chances are that we may pick one satisfying second hand computer but cannot get the access to log on it, for the windows operation system might asks to put into the password.

Believed it or not, this kind of incidents could happen anywhere and anytime. Then, how to reset Windows password in no time in case that we fondly admiringly to this password protected computer. May I ask do you have any idea on how to work it out?

Well, it will not be a big deal to the ones who are very interested and good at computer settings, for they could get back the lost Admin password and reset Administrator password after several settings. However, to the others who are not that familiar with computer settings, what should they do? Should they need to pay some money and time on the so-called computer experts or just give up the computer to choose another one? Then we will show you one way to solve the problem on your own even though you are a newbie.

Take the use of password recovery tools worked on reset Admin password. In this way, you don’t have to touch those annoying terms but to follow the instructions with mouse clicking and pressing keys will be OK. Here below we thoughtfully get brief information of the password recovery software named Windows Password Reset for your references.

The Windows Password Reset is efficient password recovery software which could help you reset Administrator password by burning a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive while lost Windows password.

4 efficient methods to recover your lost Windows password

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Windows computers are been used everywhere, they have been a part of our lives. Sometimes, you may set passwords on Windows to protect our private files and data from unauthorized viewing. The problem is that what if you forgot or lost Windows password?

Well, if you forgot Windows password, don’t be panic. Windows itself has some handy features that allow you to reset password by your own. I am here to offer you 4 efficient methods to recover your lost Windows password.

Method 1: Windows Password Hint

When you create or change a Windows password, the system will remind you to set a password hint to help you remember the password. When you enter a wrong password in the Windows logon screen, the password hint will appear to remind you of how you made up your password (if you have set the hint). You just calm down, and take a deep breath, then try your best to remember your Windows password following the hint.

Method 2: Windows Password Reset Disk

If you had created a Windows password reset disk, you can use it to reset your lost password.

You just boot up your computer, and insert the created CD/DVD password reset disk into your computer, then enter Windows logon screen. You’ll get the reset password option when you type an incorrect password at the logon screen and press Enter. Click on the option and the password reset wizard will pop up to guide you to reset Windows password.


  1. 1. Please note that the password reset disk will only works for the account it was created for and cannot be used to reset the password of another accounts.
  2. 2. To create a password reset disk, you first need to log on Windows and enter User Accounts by clicking Start->Control Panel->User and Family Safety-> User Accounts. Then you can click Create a password reset disk on the left pane (Just as shown on the below picture). A password reset disk wizard will come up, and then you can follow it to create a password reset disk.

Method 3: System Recovery Options

Windows System Recovery Options can also help you when you need to reset Windows password. You can either use a Windows installation disc or the recovery options provided by your computer manufacturer to access the System Recovery Options. Of course, you can also create a system repair disc by yourself.

1. Type system repair disc into the search box in the Start menu and press Enter.

2. Insert a CD/DVD into the optical drive and hit Create disc.

This creates the system repair disc. To start the System Recovery Options, insert the system repair disc into the optical drive and reboot the PC via the disc. Select your Windows installation from the list when prompted. The System Recovery Options are now displayed.

Method 4: Windows Password Reset Software

Windows password reset software is always designed to reset any Windows password in minutes.

The advantage of such tools is that you can reset any Windows password easily and quickly. And it can help you reset Windows password whether you can log on your computer or not. There are plenty of such programs on the Internet like Anmosoft Windows Password Reset.

Steps to reset Windows password:

1.  Download and Install Windows password reset in any accessible computer.

2.  Create a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive password reset disk with the program.

3.  Set CD-ROM or USB device as the first boot device in BIOS for your PC.

4.  Boot your PC from the created CD/DVD or USB flash drive and reset Windows password.

In conclusion, the 4th method is the best and most efficient way to reset Windows password. If you are a newbie to computer or you are not an computer expert, I recommend you try the 4th method to reset your Windows password.

How to reset Windows 7 password quickly and efficiently

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Windows 7 is the most popular OS system used on most personal computers. We are getting used to set a password on our Windows 7 computer for security. The problem is that we my sometimes forgot Windows 7 password. Then what should we do?

Clearly, with the ones that have Windows password recovery disk, they could take it readily like a bit of cake; for the ones who received very little in this area, they are willing to pay out extra wealth to your named specialist in computer system to reset Windows 7 password for them? Whatever the decision is, right here we provide you an efficient and fast method to figure out your dilemma to reset Windows 7 password quite easily and speedily whereas forgot Windows 7 password that is get utilization of the windows 7 password recovery equipment which specially and powerfully worked on reset Windows 7 password.

Windows Password Reset is a form of precious and quick software which is designed to reset your Windows password and make it easy for you log in on Windows which you overlook your mode when producing use of your Pc. The password recovery program is by substantially the very best Windows 7 password reset instrument available. It just demands a simple understanding of Windows. It could possibly successfully recover lost password within a whole lot greater than 95% situations as illustrated in genuine tests.

This program is simple to run and isn’t going to necessitate an awful lot time. Most noticeably it can be mainly secure and safeguarded.

The software system should be worked inside the subsequent techniques:

  1. Download and install the program. It delivers a 30-days total revenue back assure and no cost updating
  2. Transfer the program to a CD or USB; it’ll immediately create a bootable CD or USB;
  3. Insert the bootable CD or USB into your Laptop, and after that it functions.

Soon after downloading it the software system instantaneously generates your bootable USB or CD and copies each of the files. You simply should sit all over again and take satisfaction in. Then just get started the plan along with the password resetting will begin. It’ll obtain individuals in your Windows system and start resetting their password. The system is automated – you do not ordinarily should form or click on one thing. Once the Windows 7 password is reset, the Windows plan restarts by itself therefore you could log in with no password. Windows Password Reset is usually a type of valuable and basic software system plan which might just reset your windows key and enable you log in on main problem which you neglect your password when creating use of your Computer.

This really is an efficient and simple and easy method to reset Windows 7 password or any other versions’ password, so the windows password reset equipment could also be worked being a excellent present for your cared ones, which include your friends, who worked as chaotic functioning workplace staff. And this can survive them from a hot work to recover Windows 7 password in minutes although forgot windows 7 password for confident.

This program is compatible with most computer techniques for instance Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 2003. It performs outstandingly in many of the checks.

How to Reset the Lost Windows 7 Password

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Windows computer is the most popular device; it is used for work, study, and even for entertainment. You always set a password on our Windows 7 system for security, to protect our private files and data from viewing by others. But you probably one day find yourself in a hysterical situation staring at your computer’s start up log-in page and unable to remember Windows 7 password. What should you do? How to login the Windows 7 computer again?

Here I list 4 solutions for this problem.

1. Use password hint on password locked Windows 7 computer
If you have set the password hint when you set account password, it may help to remember something about your forgotten computer password!

2. Rest Windows 7 password with Windows password reset disk

If you have a created Windows password reset, you can use for the disk to help us unlock password efficiently. (You may refer to How to create Windows 7 password reset disk)

a, insert the password reset disk into your locked computer
b. Click OK and close the message box on the password incorrect prompt window.
c. Click “Reset Windows Password” and insert the password reset disk.
d. Do as the “Password Reset Wizard” to create a new password.

3. Change Windows 7 password with Windows Installation Disc

a. Insert the Windows 7 Setup DVD into the locked computer
b. Set the computer to boot from DVD drive.
c. When it asks to repair our current Windows installation, choose “Accept” it and press “R” to run the repair. Then computer will begin to repair our Windows and copy files to hard drive.
d. Setup will reboot system. Please don’t press any key when there is “Press any key to continue…”
e. Now computer will do other tasks and there will be a progress bar displayed. Please notice carefully the details shown at the bottom of screen.
f. Once “Installing Devices” comes up, press keys: Shift+F10. Input: nusrmgr.cpl and press Enter key at the Command Prompt window.
g. The same “User Accounts” window will display as it is in Control Panel. Choose “Administrator account” and select any account listed to change or remove your computer password.

Be care if you are a newbie to computer when you use this method for Windows password recovery, as your data my lost by accident.

4, Remove password using Windows password reset program

A Windows password reset program is designed to create a password reset disk and remove the Windows password on any Windows computers. The theory of such program is to burn an .iso image file from Windows password reset software into a bootable CD/DVD/USB disk.

Take Anmosoft Windows Password Reset for example:
a. Download and install Windows Password Reset program on any accessible computer
b. Run the program to create a password reset disk using a CD/DVD or USB flash drive
c, Insert the password reset disk to the locked computer, and set the BIOS to boot CD/DVD or flash drive
d. Reset the lost Windows password

The above ways on forgotten computer password reset are the collections of best bet for us to unlock lost Windows 7 password! Compare to the first 3 method, the 4th method is absolutely the most efficient method for Windows 7 password recovery.