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Methods on Windows Password Recovery

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Would you mind other people freely log into your computer for unreasonable purpose? I do and I think most of people have the same opinions as me. Then, make a windows password. But the disadvantages to set up a windows password is that if we forgot windows password, we cannot get into the computer any more. Oh, my, not that terrible! There are some good ways to reset windows password. Knowing about these ways, you have no need to afraid of forgetting windows password, and you can protect your information on the computer from diabolical people.

Here are some workable ways on windows password recovery. Pick up the easiest way according to your situation. If your computer is not locked yet, it is not bad to learn something about windows password reset in case. Remember, calm down to recover windows password on your own, but not hurry to take your PC to repair shop for this tiny thing.

Well, to those who set passwords inspired by their related things, numbers, place or people in their life, the first thing they do for reset windows password must be guessing. Sometimes it works, but not always happens if your password is really complicated. When you get no clues about the password, you’d better turn to another way.

Reset the forgotten windows password by another administrator account is a good way. We know that windows administrator account have full control of the computer, including resetting passwords for other user accounts. The premise is that you should have such an administrator account.

The same as the windows password reset disk, which is regarded as the easiest way to reset windows password, you should create one before the user account password is forgotten.

No premise, anytime, anywhere, any kinds of windows password can be 100% reset. Nice way, huh? Then you can try professional windows password recovery tools. Not the easiest but I should say it must be the most efficient way to recover windows password. Prepare a workable computer and a CD/DVD or USB drive, which are easy to get, and download the related software, then you can start to change windows password.

How to Use A Password Reset Disk to Reset Windows 7 Password

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Maybe most of us don’t know windows 7 can create a windows 7 password reset disk, or somebody knows the feature existed but never thought about that they would lose or forget windows 7 password someday. Actually, forgetting windows 7 password is a bothersome thing and nobody wants this mess happens to us. But when it comes, you have no choice but learning something about how to reset windows 7 password. Why not creating a password reset disk right now just in case and save a lot of trouble in the future.

Windows password reset disk is a powerful tool to recover windows 7 password. It should be created in advance and only work for a special account. You won’t be able to create that disk after you forget the password to your account. So, do it!

Before creating the disk, you need to log on with the account you want to create a password reset disk for, and then insert a USB drive or CD/DVD into your computer. Then follow the steps:
1. Click Start and select Control Panel.
2. Find the User Account and Family Safety and click User Account.
3. Click on create a password reset disk.
4. Click Next on the Forgotten Password Wizard.
5. Select the device you used to create the password reset disk.
6. Type current user account password and click OK. Done!

Make sure you have kept the disk in a safe place, because anyone who owns it can change windows  7 password on your PC if he can get physical access to it.

When you forget windows 7 password in the future, take out the disk and following the steps:
1. Type a wrong password into the password box. When the massage reminded you the password is incorrect, click OK.
2. Click reset password, and then follow the instruction.

But if you don’t have a password reset disk when the computer is locked, windows 7 password recovery tools are another easy and efficient ways to reset your forgotten windows 7 password.

A New Way to Reset Windows 8 Password

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

As people always like setting up a password on their own PC to keep some privacy, there must be the same situations that they forgot Windows 8 password. What if Windows 8 users forget their Windows password? How can they reset Windows 8 password and regain access to the PC? Well, where there is a problem, there is a solution.

Something about Windows 8

Windows 8 is an initial name of Microsoft’s new operating system. Considering the words in the new logo, we can assume that “Windows 8” is going to be the actual name of the new operating system even if it hasn’t been confirmed. With Microsoft’s release of the developer preview to the general public, users are probably wandering what the specifications for Windows 8 are. You will be happy to know that Windows Developer Preview works great on the same hardware that powers Windows 7 and Windows Vista, which means that the final release of Windows 8 will most likely work well on computers that purchased three to four years ago.

According to the rumor and leaks, there are two ways to log into Windows 8: traditional text password and graphical password.

Traditional text password is composed of letters, numbers and symbols. The more complicated it is, the securer your computer will be. The so-called strongly secure password should be at least 8 characters. It takes people’s great effort to make a text password that is simple enough to be remembered but complex enough to be guessed. I believe the ways to reset Windows 7 password also work on Windows 8 password reset. First of all, don’t forget to burn a password reset disk in case of losing password if this feature is incorporated in the upcoming Windows 8. Otherwise, you can resort to third party software to recover Windows 8 password, as well as Windows 7/Vista/XP etc.

Another convenient approach for windows 8 password recovery is to use graphical password instead, which will be available in the new operating system. Once you forget your Windows 8 text password and need to reset it, you can access computer through graphical logon and then reset the password.
Then what is graphical password? Graphical password is a system logon mode, prepare for the complete touch operation. If you are often annoyed by forgetting Windows 7 password, the graphical password logon of Windows 8 system definitely can attract your attention. It is easier than a text password for users to remember. Meanwhile, it is better for PC users to recover Windows 8 password than former versions.

Windows 8 users can custom their own password in the 4*4 array picture and also can choose a picture on the computer to set a password. In a word, the new graphical password of Windows 8 makes computers securer and easier to reset Windows 8 password. Are you ready for it?

Forgot windows 7 password? Three windows password recovery tools to help you.

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Forgot windows 7 password? Keep your eyes on the following windows password recovery tools and pick up the one that is most fit with your situation.

1、Anmosoft Windows Password Reset

Anmosoft Windows Password Reset enjoys great reputation among users for windows 7 password recovery. With it, you can regain access to your computer quickly, no matter how complicated your passwords are. A bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive and a workable computer is needed to burn a windows 7 password reset disk, and then insert it into the locked computer to reset windows 7 password. It is compatible with all kinds of windows OS. But the trial version of Anmosoft Windows Password Reset can only list the user names but cannot reset the passwords.

Anmosoft Windows Password Reset software recover Windows password by four steps:

Step 1: Download Anmosoft Windows Password Reset and install.

Step 2: create a password reset disk using CD/DVD or USB Flash drive

Step 3: set BIOS to boot from the reset disk

Step 4: Restart windows, remove password


Ophcrack is one of the best free windows password recovery tool so far. It can reset windows 7 password that less than 14 characters. With Ophcrack, you don’t need to access to windows but visit the site and download the free ISO image, burn it to a CD and boot from the CD. The Ophcrack starts and proceeds to remove  windows 7 password. But you can only reset the password less than 14 characters and always fail to recover windows password as its large ISO files.

3、PC login Now

PC login Now is a better free windows password recovery program to reset windows 7 password. It deletes windows password instead of discovering and displaying it. The program allows you access to windows without passwords. And you can create a new password after that if you needed. But it’s a little bothersome that PC login Now causes windows to detect a possible hard drive problem on the first reboot after deleting the password.

How to reset Windows Server 2008 password completely?

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Reset windows server 2008 password is a challenge, because this system comes with very strong security. Is there a solution if someone has forgotten windows sever 2008 password?

In that case, generally we need a windows server 2008 password reset disk to fix up the password thing. Insert the password reset disk into the locked computer and you can immediately reset windows server 2008 password. But what about the people who have no windows server 2008 password reset disk? What can they do in case that they forgot windows server 2008 password?

Well, firstly they need to burn a windows server 2008 password reset disk by the third party software named Anmosoft Windows Password Reset. The software has 4 different versions: standard, professional, enterprise and ultimate. All of them can do well in windows server 2008 password reset. You can choose the right one according to your own need. What’s more, the software is multifunctional. They can reset passwords on windows server 2003, 2000 and windows 7/Vista/XP, too. So if you have the same password problems in other windows system, you don’t need to take time to find other software. In a word, Anmosoft Windows Password Reset is versatile.

How to burn a windows server 2008 password reset disk?

1. Download your target version of Anmosoft Windows Password Reset on an accessible computer and install it.

2. Insert a blank CD/DVD or USB drive into the computer and follow the wizard to burn a windows server 2008 password reset disk.

It is not that difficult to recover windows server 2008 password. Owning the password reset disk, forgetting windows server 2008 password is not a big deal any more. Keep it for dealing with windows server 2008 password recovery.

Three methods help you recover Windows 7 password

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

A password must be set if PC owners want to keep their privacy. But if we forgot Windows 7 password, all things on the computer will be lose because you cannot access to your PC. At this moment, the only way to get your privacy back is to reset Windows 7 password unless you suddenly remember your password.

But, how? I am a green hand in Windows 7 password recovery. I never did that before. Don’t worry. Reset Windows 7 password is solvable with simple tweaks here and there. Here I will recommend you three ways to reset Windows 7 password.

Method 1: Reset passwords by an available account with Admin privilege
As Windows administrator users can manage other user accounts, it is convenient to use an administrator account to reset forgotten Windows 7 password. But you should create another account with administrator right before the computer is locked.

Method 2: Create Windows password reset disk
Window 7 can create Windows password reset disk by control panel. It is thought as the best way to recover Windows 7 password. Meanwhile, many users fail to adopt this method because they forget to create a password reset disk before losing the password.

Method 3: Professional Windows Password Recovery Tools
Anmosoft Windows Password Reset is your best choice to remove lost or forgotten Windows password. It is easy-to –use and powerful to reset passwords by burning a windows 7 password reset disk with CD/DVD or USB drive. No need to access to Windows account and no damage to your computer data and files. Its professional and powerful functions make it an appropriate password hacking tool for even the most novice of computer user.

Anmosoft Windows Password Reset software recover Windows password by four steps:
Step 1: Download Anmosoft Windows Password Reset and install.
Step 2: create a password reset disk using CD/DVD or USB Flash drive
Step 3: set BIOS to boot from the reset disk
Step 4: Restart windows, remove password

What would you do if you forgot the Windows Server 2008 password

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Have you ever forgot Windows server 2008 password? If so, you can learn something about Windows server password recovery at the following information. Here, I will show you how to reset Windows 2008 password on your own, no matter you are good at computer or not.

To finish the Windows server 2008 password recovery process, you need something below:
1. An accessible PC that you can run as administrator.

2. USB flash drive or blank CD/DVD

3. Anmosoft Windows Password Reset Enterprise. Anmosoft Windows Password Reset is an easy-to-use yet powerful Windows password recovery program, it can help you to reset Windows password what you have forgot easily and quickly.

Anmosoft Windows Password Reset, it will recover Windows server 2008 password by four steps:

Step 1. Download Anmosoft windows password reset and install.
Go to the official website( to download and install this Windows password recovery tool in the accessible  PC that you can run as administrator.

Step 2. Create a bootable password reset disk using the CD/DVD or USB Flash drive
Insert a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive >> Select to create a bootable CD/DVD or USB >> Select your target device >> Click Burn button to start burning >> Click OK when the burning task is completed.

Step 3. Set BIOS to boot form CD/DVD or USB drive.
Start the computer and immediately press Delete to enter BIOS menu when you see a message that “press… to enter SETUP” during booting. Next you can set the USB or CD ROM as the first boot device, and then save and exit BIOS. Your computer will restart computer.

Step 4. Restart the computer and reset Windows server 2008 password.
Once your computer restarts automatically with changed BIOS, Anmosoft Windows Password Reset program will start. At that time, flow the guide and you can easily reset the forgotten Windows server 2008 password.

After Window server 2008 password recovery, all your computer data are kept intact without any damage or loss. And it will only take you 5 minutes to regain access to the server PC.

Three methods to reset Windows login password

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

In the internet, there are many ways to reset windows password, but many of them are simply not work. I have tried several of these methods, although they are not the best one, but it works. Windows XP registry is managed by the SAM file, in general, “Uncle Sam” is very difficult to handle. I think it is the reason why so many methods are not working. Ok, now I will show you three methods on recover windows password.

Method 1: Using “administrator” (this method is applicable to the administrator which the username is not “administrator”)

We know that in the installation of Windows XP process, the default login account is the administrator, and then will be required to create a new account, in order to enter Windows XP with the new account to log in, and in Windows XP login screen also only will appear to create this user accounts, won’t appear “administrator”, but in fact the “administrator” account is still there, and the password is empty.

After we know this, if forgot Windows password, in the login screen, hold down Ctrl + Alt key, then hold Del key twice, it will appear the classic login screen, at this point in the user name place type “administrator”, the password is empty and login, then we can reset Windows password at the control panel .

Method 2: Delete SAM files (this method applies only to WIN2000)

Windows NT / 2000 / XP use the Security account manager, Security account manager to account management is through the safety identification, safety identification in the account creation and create, once your account was deleted, all at the same time, mark was deleted. Safety identification is the only, even if is the same user name, each time creating a safety identification of completely different. Therefore, once a account is the user name reconstruction account, will also be give different safety identification, won’t keep the original jurisdiction. Security account manager of the specific performance is % SystemRoot % system32configsam files. SAM file is Windows NT / 2000 / XP user account database, all user login name and password and related information can be stored in the file.

Knowing this, we also produce a solution: delete SAM files, start system, it will rebuild a clean innocent SAM, inside nature has a password.

However, this simple method in XP is not suitable, in the Windows XP system, even if you delete the SAM, still can’t remove Windows password, it will make the system startup initial error, and thus into dead circulation and not into the system!

Method 3: Find out the password from the SAM files (the premise is can use the DOS basic command)

Before the system starts, insert startup disk, enter: C: WINNTSystem3Config use COPY command will SAM COPY files to floppy disk. Get another computer read. The tools are needed here LC4 will, LC4 will run, open and create a new task, which in turn strike “IMPORT-Import from SAM file”, has to be learned about open the SAM files, at this time will be automatic analysis of this document LC4 will, and shows the user name documents; Then click “Session-Begin Audit”, and then to crack password. If the password is not very complex words, a very short period of time will get the result.

However, if the password is some complex words, it will need us a long time to let Windows password recovery.

Create a Windows password reset disk for yourself

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

If you are an easily forgotten person, then you must not forget to create a windows password reset disk at the same time when you set a password for the windows system. The password reset disk can allows you reset windows password when your forgot it.

Find the “User Account” from the “Control Panel”, select the account and go to the control interface, we can see the “Prevent a forgotten password”, click after to open the Forgotten Password Guide, it will be prompted to insert a blank disk, then the system will let you enter the account password, and soon it will be able to create a windows password reset disk.

Later, when we forget the account password to log on to Windows OS, in the case did not use the “welcome screen” login, press Ctrl + ALT + DEL key combination, the “Windows Security” window appears, click on the selected item “Change Password” button, the Change Password window appears. This window, the current user’s password backup, click the lower left corner “Backup” button, activate the “Forgotten Password Guide, follow the prompts to create a password reset disk.

In the Windows login screen, if you forgot windows password and enter the wrong password, the “login failed” window will pop up, if you do not remember what the password is, click the “Reset” button to start the Password Reset Guide, by just created a password reset disk, you can use this password reset disk to change windows password and boot the system. Reset your password, log on to the Windows OS.

Create a password reset disk, contains a certain amount of risk, because anyone can use this a” password reset disk to log on Windows system, so you must save the password reset disk in the appropriate place to prevent loss.

Create a Windows 7 password reset disk with Anmosoft Windows Password Reset

Monday, March 12th, 2012

In order to protect the information or files in our computer, we often set a password for the Windows 7 Operation System. However, sometimes people may guess out the password, so we may change the password for our Windows 7 OS regularly. Well, believed it or not, there is a case that we may forgot Windows 7 password because of the regular change.

As we all know that  we can create a Windows 7 password reset disk when we first set a password on the Windows 7 Operation System, which is the easy and efficient way to solve Windows 7 password recovery trouble. However, most of time ,we often forgot to create a password reset disk until they got problem of Windows password logon.

So, how to do for your Windows 7 password recovery? How to create a Windows 7 password reset disk with a third party software?

Here, i will introduce a powerful software to you. Anomosoft Windows Password Reset is a powerful tool and easy to use, it can help you to create a windows password reset disk with a CD/DVD or USB Flash drive.

Anmosoft Windows Password Reset software create a windows 7 password reset disk and reset Windows 7 password by four steps:

Step 1: Download Anmosoft windows password reset and install.

Step 2: create a password reset disk using CD/DVD or USB Flash drive

Step 3: set BIOS to boot from the reset disk

Step 4: Restart windows, remove password

Now, you have successfully created the password reset disk and recover Windows 7 password with Anmosoft Windows Password Reset. Next time, if you forgot the Windows 7 login password again, pick out the reset disk and break the password one more time, so that you can login the windows system directly.