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I Know How to Reset Windows 7 Password

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

During the May Day holiday, I met a trouble. When I got off work that night before the holiday and wanted to play my own PC, I found that I have forgotten  windows 7 password! Oh, god! It must be kidding me. Would I have to spend the holiday without computer?

I tried many passwords over and over again, but none of them is correct. For I haven’t use it for a long time, I have totally forgotten what the password is. Immediately I took my computer to the repair shop to ask for help. The worker of the shop tells me I need to reset windows 7 password. What the hell is that? I never heard that before and I even don’t know how to do it. The worker tell me that resetting windows password is pretty easy and once I see what he does and I can do it myself in the future.

In case that I would forget windows 7 password again, I asked the worker teach me step by step. It does very easy. I saw him download software online and install it. And then he found a CD and inserted it into the computer (the computer is not mine). The running software would guide you how to make the CD into a password reset disk for windows 7 password reset. When the disk was made, took it out and put it into my locked PC. Restart my locked computer and the interface forwindows 7 password recovery showed up automatically. Just a few mouse-clicking, the worker removed the password successfully. He told me I can log on windows without password now.

The nice worker taught me how to make a windows 7 password reset disk by my own computer prepared for needing to reset windows 7 password. Right now I can reset windows 7 password by myself.