A New Way to Reset Windows 8 Password

As people always like setting up a password on their own PC to keep some privacy, there must be the same situations that they forgot Windows 8 password. What if Windows 8 users forget their Windows password? How can they reset Windows 8 password and regain access to the PC? Well, where there is a problem, there is a solution.

Something about Windows 8

Windows 8 is an initial name of Microsoft’s new operating system. Considering the words in the new logo, we can assume that “Windows 8” is going to be the actual name of the new operating system even if it hasn’t been confirmed. With Microsoft’s release of the developer preview to the general public, users are probably wandering what the specifications for Windows 8 are. You will be happy to know that Windows Developer Preview works great on the same hardware that powers Windows 7 and Windows Vista, which means that the final release of Windows 8 will most likely work well on computers that purchased three to four years ago.

According to the rumor and leaks, there are two ways to log into Windows 8: traditional text password and graphical password.

Traditional text password is composed of letters, numbers and symbols. The more complicated it is, the securer your computer will be. The so-called strongly secure password should be at least 8 characters. It takes people’s great effort to make a text password that is simple enough to be remembered but complex enough to be guessed. I believe the ways to reset Windows 7 password also work on Windows 8 password reset. First of all, don’t forget to burn a password reset disk in case of losing password if this feature is incorporated in the upcoming Windows 8. Otherwise, you can resort to third party software to recover Windows 8 password, as well as Windows 7/Vista/XP etc.

Another convenient approach for windows 8 password recovery is to use graphical password instead, which will be available in the new operating system. Once you forget your Windows 8 text password and need to reset it, you can access computer through graphical logon and then reset the password.
Then what is graphical password? Graphical password is a system logon mode, prepare for the complete touch operation. If you are often annoyed by forgetting Windows 7 password, the graphical password logon of Windows 8 system definitely can attract your attention. It is easier than a text password for users to remember. Meanwhile, it is better for PC users to recover Windows 8 password than former versions.

Windows 8 users can custom their own password in the 4*4 array picture and also can choose a picture on the computer to set a password. In a word, the new graphical password of Windows 8 makes computers securer and easier to reset Windows 8 password. Are you ready for it?


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