Bypass Windows 7 Password Instantly

To those who are unfamiliar with Windows 7 password recovery process, how to bypass lost or forgot Windows 7 password is a challenge; here below are several solutions on how to bypass Windows 7 password recovery for your references.

Try computer management

In order to bypass Windows 7 password instantly by computer management, please follow the below detailed steps to finish the entire password recovery process:

1: Log on Windows 7 operation system with an accessible administrator computer.

2: Click ‘Computer’, click ‘Manage’ to open computer management screen.

3: Double-click ‘Local Users and Group’ on the left of the screen.

4: Double-click ‘Users’ folders, right-click the target user name, selects ‘Set Password’.

5: Click ‘Proceed’ when a dialog box pops up, click ‘OK’.

6: Now you can enter and confirm a new password for the account.

Use Windows Password Reset Professional

You can bypass Windows 7 password easily and quickly by taking use of the Windows Password Reset Professional which enables you get Windows 7 password reset instantly without any data losing or file damaging to the information preserved in your computer.

Following is the brief tutorial of this utility.

1. Download Windows Password Reset Professional to install it on an accessible computer.

2. Running the program and insert a CD/DVD or USB drive into computer.

3. Create a Windows 7 password reset CD/DVD or USB drive.

4. Insert the CD/DVD or USB drive into your locked computer.

5. Set BIOS of the locked PC to boot from CD/DVD or USB drive if your computer failed to boot from it.

6. All the user names will be displayed before you, and you can select one to remove its password.

7. Remove the burned CD/DVD or USB drive from computer, restart your computer.

8. Now you regain access to your system.

With any of the methods mentioned above, you can bypass Windows 7 password at ease, so that you will not get puzzled anymore while in need of reset Windows 7 password in the future.

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