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100 Days of Windows 8: a Good Start But Unpredictable Future

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Since the release of Windows 8 in Oct.26, it has been over 100 days. According to Microsoft, it has revealed 60 million Windows 8 license sales for this new operation system by far, which is broadly in line with similar stats around the launch Windows 7. Although the figure doesn’t tell us the whole story, for the Windows 8 upgrade cost is significantly lower than Windows 7 and it’s not clear how many are simply licenses sold to OEMs and businesses that aren’t actively in use.

Tami Reller, Microsoft Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Financial Officer, thinks that Microsoft has had “a really solid start” in the sales of Windows 8. She said that there is still more to do after Windows 8’s three-month milestone, and users’ demand for touch is something Microsoft and its partners will pursue.

As we all know, at the first release of Windows 8, the Windows 8 apps are in serious shortage. For example, when users lost password in spite of the new picture password and PIN code, they may be confused in how to recover Windows 8 password. While not everyone is making apps for the Windows Store, she said that the number of apps available has more than quadrupled since the launch of Windows 8. She also pointed out that the Windows Store allows app builders to use their own commerce engines and keep 100 percent of their in-app sale profits, a subtle jab at Apple’s policy.

However, will the sales of Windows 8 in the future be as promising as s expect? Windows 8 password is said to be stored in plaintext form, which is regarded as the first security hole found in the new system. Meanwhile, a point should be noticed is that the sales of Windows 8 tablets, no matter in which brand, is not satisfactory. Then, how about the attitudes of big PC manufacturers towards the future of Windows 8?

First it was Asus and Acer, then Fujitsu. Now Samsung has added its voice to the growing chorus of PC manufacturers who failed to boost demand for machines running Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system.

“The global PC industry is steadily shrinking despite the launch of Windows 8,” said Jun Dong-soo, president of Samsung’s memory chip division, “I think the Windows 8 system is no better than the previous Windows Vista platform.” And Samsung has pulled out of Windows RT in the US and HP says it has no plans to use the operating system on ARM-based chips just yet, describing the Surface as “slow and a little kludgey.”

Though as Reller said, “It’s that flexibility and portability of Windows that gives us a lot of opportunity for the future wherever the market might take us”, obviously, the market response is not as positive as Microsoft expect. It is undoubtedly that Microsoft has made and will continue to make efforts to promote the sales of Windows 8 in different means, say, inspiring the OEMs and offering both tablet and laptop in a single ultraportable package. But, the future of Windows 8 is too early to predict.

More years are needed for enterprises to adopt Windows 8

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Gartner, the largest IT research and advisory firm in the world, says in a report that 90 percent of enterprises will bypass wholesale deployment of Windows 8 at least through 2014.

Though Microsoft makes many changes on this new operation system with the intention of better user experience just like Android, Windows 8 is so different from Windows 7 that to learn about its features will be a nightmare, some experts say. Take Windows 8 password authentication methods as an example, since it has added picture password and PIN code as implementations to text password, users should learn how to create password in Windows 8 and also Windows 8 password reset ways when forget it.

“It’s going to be traumatic, I think, especially if the organization doesn’t have an excellent training program for users.” says Georges Khairallah, a network specialist at the Chino Valley Unified School District in Chino Valley, Calif., who has used Windows 8 for weeks to administer his network.

Enterprises are cautious in adoption of new operation systems. Nowadays, most IT shops are still in the midst to change Windows XP to Windows 7. We can see Windows 7 has now become the most popular OS because of its satisfactory performance. Also, as we all know, support of Windows XP will last till 2014, so still some enterprise insist on the old and reliable operation system. As for Windows 8, only 4% of firms say they have plans to migrate to Windows 8 in the next 12 months.
Another big concern that results to slow adoption of Windows 8 in enterprise is its security performance. For example, Windows 8 has been found the first security danger that its password hints are in stored in registry in plain text. We can predict that there must be many potential security problems in this new OS. In addition, Windows 8 shares many core underpinnings with Windows 7, say, policy management, and there isn’t too much security advantage to Windows 7, the stable and relative safe operation system most widely used by PC users.

In addition, in order to use Windows 8 with full functionality, it is necessary for enterprises to make use of touch screen monitors. It is obviously not well suitable to be used by enterprise desktops and won’t improve the productivity of workers who are used to using traditional desktops. What’s more, the expense for it is not cheap. For some small or middle enterprise, it doesn’t worth consideration at all.

The upgrade price of Windows 8 has been raised since this month with the end of Microsoft’s sales promotion. It will also make some influence to the sales Windows 8 in the short term.

What’s the fate of Windows 8, the milestone of Microsoft’s operation system? It is too early to predict. However, at least, in the near future, it must be a long process to be adopted by enterprises.

Windows 8: Good Security Performance Deserves More Enterprise Users

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Since the release of Windows 8 on August 16, it has been downloaded 500,000 times in the ten weeks. Nevertheless, 90% of IT leaders surveyed by Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, said they won’t deploy Windows 8 in any major way until 2014, two years after its launch. Enterprises are always not the first to adopt new OS in general, as it is not easy to change an entire fleet of systems from one operating system to the next. Enterprises need to consider a lot factors before they change to the new system. For example, since Windows 8 passwords are totally different from the previous systems, whether they can find reliable Windows 8 password recovery tool is a problem to think about.

As we all know, Microsoft has been committed in improving security performance of its operation systems all the time. Windows 8 will define a new direction and open up a new revenue stream for Microsoft. Now that many consumers are all set to get their hands on the new operating system for improved new security features, the most important step for Microsoft will be to see whether enterprises accept the new platform.

There are many security features in Windows 8, which are both utility and cool for everyday users in enterprises. Windows 8 is equipped with a free Microsoft antivirus and anti-malware program, Windows Defender. It is available by default. It can help protect your computer from all types of malware, including viruses, worms and bots through malware signatures from the Microsoft Malware Protection Center. Meanwhile, it can also offer real-time detections and protect your system form malware threats with file system filter. What’s more, it will interface with Windows secure boot, another new Window 8 protection feature.

In addition, Picture Password, similar to the Android Password Lock Pattern screen, enables Windows 8 user to connect a set of dots with a finger, instead of typing in text password. With Picture Password, users can freely set a pattern made up of three gestures, such as, a point, a line or a circle, on a photo or a picture. Users could choose a picture of animals and draw a circle on the head of the cutest dog. It can also be used on computers with mice, which gives companies another security option besides text password and PIN code.

In fact, there are more improved security features. The new function SmartScreen in Windows 8 enables the Microsoft to track all downloads from the Internet. This feature can be very useful to prevent phishing attacks, which is a usual means to hack passwords of enterprise PCs. Besides, Windows 8 is able to block not only rootkits, but also bootkits, which can replace boot loaders and make malware active almost once the computer starts up.

Don’t ignore Windows 8 simply because of the somewhat strange new interface. It indeed deserves you to have a try and see how its new security features can help your company.

Why Windows 8 Tablets Encounters Bottlenecks? Because of Windows 8 Password?

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

On October 25, Microsoft officially released the new operating system, Windows 8 and announced the information of Surface tablet, a kind of new tablet based on Windows 8. The release of Windows 8 is different from other operating systems, for it is not only a normal renewal of desktop PC system, but also a mark that tablet PC is about to enter a new era. It’s thin and lightweight, comes with a keyboard cover for better typing, allows you to run the traditional Windows desktop. We can also see many other front-line brands have also launched a variety of Windows 8 tablets, such as Dell, in the following days.

Nevertheless, despite its merits, we have to admit that the sale of Windows 8 tablets around the world is not optimistic at all. As for the reasons, it has been heatedly discussed recently. Some insist that it is due to the flaws in Windows 8 itself, compared to Android and iOS, for example, the new form of password in Windows 8—Picture Password, which is so difficult to remember the gestures and makes users have to deal with Windows 8 password reset frequently. But still others take more factors in Windows 8 tablets into consideration as follows.

A main constraint for Windows 8 tablets’ popularity may lie in their relatively high price, I suppose. Insiders say that a 10-inch Windows 8 tablet PC from first-line brand manufacturers is mostly valued as at least $685. However, the price of a 10-inch Android tablet with NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processors is mostly $275 to $412. We can see that the price gap is quite considerable. Is it worth to pay $799 for a Windows 8 tablet with an Atom processor? Besides, Asus, a mid-range computer vendor, needs $599 for a Windows RT tablet with NVIDIA Tegra ARM? If you want a keyboard for either one, that’s to say, it will cost you an extra $199. Nowadays, consumers look for the best values for what they spend, rather than the latest goods with less value.

On the other hand, although the quantity of software in Windows 8 platform has been developed greatly than that at the beginning of its release, it is still far behind the quantities of Android and iOS software. Besides, Windows RT, a new member of Windows 8, suffers the same problem Windows Phone does, that is, it can only choose very few applications. Due to Windows RT operation system is incompatible with traditional Windows software, consumers’ interest to buy this kind of tablet PC will reduce to a large extent. At the same time, Windows RT won’t let users install programs from any other source but the Windows Store. That’s to say, all you have is the limited selection of tablet apps in the Store.

All in all, the development of Windows 8 tablets is a little disappointed. However, facing this embarrassment, what will Microsoft and other computer companies do? Is there any improvement? We’re looking forward it!

Reset your lost or forgotten Windows 8 login password

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Forgot Windows 8 password could happen to everyone, for people can never be too careful in the busy daily life, especially during working time. If you are the one who needs to recover Windows 8 password in no time, do you have any idea on how to get the lost Windows 8 password reset to regain the access to your locked computer?

Some people use password hints to find out the password and login into Windows. It is the easiest way to open the Windows without that unknown code. To login with password hint you should have password hint question with its answer. This process is not always helpful in login into Windows.

In order to recover the Windows password you can use password Reset Disk. Windows system allows you to create a Windows 8 password reset disk to recover forgotten or lost password. You can use this method to help you solve your problem but if you have not any password reset disk then this method is not able to help you in password recovery.

The last way to recover your Windows 8 login password is Anmosoft Windows Password Reset. This software is specially designed to recover password from the Windows based system. By this way you can easily recover your Admin password of your Windows PC also. This Software creates a password reset CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive that works at the time of booting process.

Anmosoft Windows Password Reset software get Windows 8 password recovery by four steps:

Step 1: Download Anmosoft Windows Password Reset and install.

Step 2: create a password reset disk using CD/DVD or USB Flash drive

Step 3: set BIOS to boot from the reset disk

Step 4: Restart windows, remove password

You can download this software from the official website:

How to Recover Windows 8 Password by Yourself

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

We use computers for life and work every day and everywhere. Many things cannot do without computers. We cannot separate with computers even for one day. So, what if users forgot windows 8 password and cannot gain access to computer? It must drive people crazy! At this moment, solutions must be found immediately to save your computers and save you at the same time.

Here we will share with you something about how to reset windows 8 password.

Method 1: Reset passwords by an available account with Admin privilege
As Windows administrator users can manage other user accounts, including resetting windows password, it is convenient to use an administrator account to reset Windows 8 password. But you should create another account with administrator right before the computer is locked, or this method cannot work.

Method 2: Create Windows password reset disk
Users can create a Windows 8 password reset disk by control panel. It is thought as the best way to recover Windows 8 password. When you enter a wrong password into the password box on the log on interface, click reset windows 8 password and insert the disk into the computer. Done! Password is reset, you can log in computer again. Meanwhile, many users fail to adopt this method because they forget to create a password reset disk before losing the password. If you are not proactive, this method cannot help you reset windows  8 password, too.

Method 3: Windows Password Recovery Tools
When using the password reset software, we need an accessible computer to burn a password reset disk with a blank CD/DVD or USB drive. And then insert the disk into the locked computer to reset windows 8 password. There is a lot of Windows 8 password recovery software in the market. You should choose carefully and pick up the right one. Using windows password recovery tools is not the easiest way to recover password, but the most efficient way to make you regain access to your computer.

Normally, I won’t advise you to perform a clean install on windows 8. This method would take much more time than the methods above. And all your data and files on the locked computer will be damaged or lost. Don’t easily try this method unless you have no choice.

A New Way to Reset Windows 8 Password

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

As people always like setting up a password on their own PC to keep some privacy, there must be the same situations that they forgot Windows 8 password. What if Windows 8 users forget their Windows password? How can they reset Windows 8 password and regain access to the PC? Well, where there is a problem, there is a solution.

Something about Windows 8

Windows 8 is an initial name of Microsoft’s new operating system. Considering the words in the new logo, we can assume that “Windows 8” is going to be the actual name of the new operating system even if it hasn’t been confirmed. With Microsoft’s release of the developer preview to the general public, users are probably wandering what the specifications for Windows 8 are. You will be happy to know that Windows Developer Preview works great on the same hardware that powers Windows 7 and Windows Vista, which means that the final release of Windows 8 will most likely work well on computers that purchased three to four years ago.

According to the rumor and leaks, there are two ways to log into Windows 8: traditional text password and graphical password.

Traditional text password is composed of letters, numbers and symbols. The more complicated it is, the securer your computer will be. The so-called strongly secure password should be at least 8 characters. It takes people’s great effort to make a text password that is simple enough to be remembered but complex enough to be guessed. I believe the ways to reset Windows 7 password also work on Windows 8 password reset. First of all, don’t forget to burn a password reset disk in case of losing password if this feature is incorporated in the upcoming Windows 8. Otherwise, you can resort to third party software to recover Windows 8 password, as well as Windows 7/Vista/XP etc.

Another convenient approach for windows 8 password recovery is to use graphical password instead, which will be available in the new operating system. Once you forget your Windows 8 text password and need to reset it, you can access computer through graphical logon and then reset the password.
Then what is graphical password? Graphical password is a system logon mode, prepare for the complete touch operation. If you are often annoyed by forgetting Windows 7 password, the graphical password logon of Windows 8 system definitely can attract your attention. It is easier than a text password for users to remember. Meanwhile, it is better for PC users to recover Windows 8 password than former versions.

Windows 8 users can custom their own password in the 4*4 array picture and also can choose a picture on the computer to set a password. In a word, the new graphical password of Windows 8 makes computers securer and easier to reset Windows 8 password. Are you ready for it?