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Windows Server 2008: still welcome to enterprise

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Windows Server is a brand name for a group of operating systems released by Microsoft. Windows Server 2008 is a representative. When it comes to Windows Server 2008, some of its users will firstly think of its password policies, say, password must meet the complex requirement, which make many of its users troubled by Windows Server 2008 reset password when they forgot the password. Others may also be impressed by Windows Server 2008 Enterprise, a version for enterprise users. With the release of Windows 7 and Windows 8, is Windows Server 2008 outdated to enterprise now?

Last year, Microsoft has announced that its free technical support for Windows Server 2008 will be extended for another 18 months. In mainstream support, Microsoft offers security patches, general fixes and feature updates for free. During extended support, which runs five years beyond mainstream support, Microsoft will offer free security updates only but will provide non-security-related bug fixes for a price.

The extension of Windows Server 2008 technical support is not groundless. In spite of the release of Windows 8 and Windows 7, there actually are many enterprises that are using Windows Server 2008, the old but stable system. As said by Peter Sondergaard, director of Gartner Research, “however good the prospects look for Windows 8 in the consumer market or for tablets, there are no compelling business imperatives to drive legacy devices in business toward Windows 8.” Of course, Windows 7 has also been accepted by more and more enterprises. However, Windows Server 2008 has never been outdated to enterprise users for its satisfactory security performance.

When compared with other OS, Windows Server 2008 is outstanding for its abilities to consolidate servers, to manage hardware effectively, to remotely manage hardware without the graphical traffic, and to radically alter the system security model, etc. Windows Server 2008 can be used as a super workstation, which is suitable for enterprises.

According to Microsoft, Windows Server 2008 is designed to power the next generation of networks, applications and Web services. Windows Server 2008 provides a solid foundation for business workloads with a new server manager that provides a uniform management console to simplify and streamline system setup, configuration and ongoing management. In terms of transfer speeds with new Web tools, security enhancements, virtualization technologies, and management utilities to help save time, reduce costs and provide a solid foundation for IT infrastructure, Windows Server 2008 is 45 times faster than Windows Server 2003. In addition, with PowerShell and System Center in Windows Server 2008, enterprise users can easily manage the system automatically.

As we all know, Windows 7 has enjoyed the most usage share in OS market and its users cover many enterprise users. The future of Windows Server 2008 in business is difficult to predict, I want to say. However, by now, Windows Server 2008 is still a good choice for small or big enterprises. At least, before the expire data of technical support from Microsoft, it is sensible to have Windows Server 2008 as your system with regard to system security and working efficiency.

Windows Server 2008: old but not outdated!

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Is Windows Server 2008 outdated? Not at all! Let’s take Windows Server 2008 password reset tool as an example to prove my point. As we all know, passwords in Windows Server 2008 are difficult to be remembered because of the default password policies, say, password should meet complexity requirement. After the constant releases of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, the reset password Windows Server 2008 tools market is still competitive and its users can easily find a suitable tool to reset lost their Windows Server 2008 password.

The training workshops on “Windows Server 2008” conducted under FATA Institutional Strengthening Project (FISP) last month, funded by USAID, a US government agency aimed at assisting the management of FATA Secretariat (FS) and FATA Development Authority (FDA) in their capacity building initiatives. More than ten IT support engineers from FATA Secretariat and FATA Development Authority were participated, according to press release issued in February.

Besides, according to the release, two session of training will be held regarding the said topic at the Professional Development Centre of National University of Sciences and Technology (PDC-NUST) in Islamabad. The project is providing capacity building and systems development support in various subjects. IT Support and IT Training is one of the core areas of FISP Annual Plan. The training aims to develop participants’ capacity in advanced techniques of Windows Server 2008, which will result in the fluent operation of IT related activities in FS and FDA.

Then we come to a question: Why they choose Windows Server 2008? Why is Windows Server 2008 welcome by enterprises? Most private businesses, public sector and third sectors use windows technology in their day to day running. Windows Server 2008 is always their prefer choice. There are many reasons as follows, I think.

Hyper-V, IIS 7 and Server Cores are three components of Windows Server 2008 worth checking out. What’s more, the powerful functionality is the biggest advantages for business that Windows Server 2008 owns. It adds real value by simplifying users’ business operations and improving working efficiency. It incorporates many built-in features that can help improve dramatically the efficiency of users’ data center operations:

1. Hyper-V™ that virtualizes system resources without third-party software to optimize your infrastructure. It replaces Virtual Server 2005 and is an integrated part of the operating system, which comes to you at no additional cost.

2. The power management in Windows Server 2008 has many new features that will help enterprises to cut hardware and facility costs.

3. Enhanced system security and control over network access, such as the ability to reduce attack surfaces by running minimal installations, and specific features like BitLocker and NAP, is also a reason.

4. The Live Migration feature in Windows server 2008 enables it to move virtual machines without downtime.

5. In Windows Server 2008, the Remote Desktop Services makes it possible for all applications to run on a single server for greater IT security and flexibility.

6. The last reason may be its interoperability with Windows 7.It is especially useful for those who want to equip dual-system.

Will Windows Server 2008 Security Performance be lagged far behind by that of Windows Server 2012?

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Windows Server 2008Microsoft has released the trail version of Windows Server 2012 in this September. Meanwhile, Microsoft also announces that they will extend Windows Server 2008 support for 18 months. It is indeed welcome news to IT pros who haven’t decided to upgrade to Windows Server 2012 for at least a year. The related issues on the security of Windows Server 2008, such as Windows 2008 password recovery, therefore, still discussed heated recently. And also, users tend to make comparison between the security performances of the two operating systems.

The extension support for Windows Server 2008, the old but still popular operating system, is in order to give IT pros some breathing room so that they can prepare for Windows Server 2012. The new server will probably take a year or more to test and perhaps two or more years to adjust its related applications. Application compatibility is an important reason why the upgrade of Windows Server this time takes so long a time. Many vendors’ applications can only run in a 32-bit environment rather than on Windows Server 2012 in health care field, for instance.

However, the most important reason, I think, lies in the unpredictability of security performance in Windows Server 2012. As we all know, Windows Server 2008 has been generally regarded as one of the safest operation systems. And we can see it is especially welcome by many enterprises considering its powerful security performance. In Windows Server 2012, we can see some features are carried forward in Windows Server 2012. Take Windows Server 2008 password as an example. There are many password policies designed to protect Windows Server 2008 password security. By default, the password created by users need to meet the password complexity requirements, which make it much harder to be cracked. Meanwhile, the password should be changed within a limited time so that hackers have less time to crack the password. Now, in Windows Server 2012, the password policies are almost kept the same.

Early Launch Anti-MalwareWindows Server 2012, as the successor of Windows Server 2008, has been made many changes in order to make the system safer. Firstly, we can see that, just as in Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 uses Early Launch Anti-Malware to prevent unknown drivers to load on boot by default. And Secure Boot is also used to avoid boot code running unless it’s digitally signed so that it is more difficult for malicious code to run at boot time when compared to that in Windows Server 2008. Besides, though the DNSSEC doesn’t work well in non-Windows environment in Windows Server 2008 R2, now, with a GUI, Microsoft develops it to fully interoperable. What’s more, we can see that a network protector mode is designed for BitLocker in Windows Server 2008. Meanwhile, it can support hardware-encrypted drives. In Windows Server 2008, IT administrators have to physically input a password on each boot. As a result, to make the remote administration of encrypted systems seems to be a hard job.

Even so, we may also think of Windows Vista. Microsoft has made great efforts to add many new and advanced functions on Windows Vista. Also, many IT insiders raise high expectation on it. However, by now, there’re too many security flaws have been found in Windows Vista, which results to fewer and fewer Vista users. Will Windows Server 2008 Security Performance be lagged far behind by that of Windows Server 2012? The outcome is still uncertain.

Recover Windows server 2008 password on your own

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Windows server 2008 plays an important role in our daily life, especially for those people who work in the office, however, if you forgot the password you won’t be able to login to your computer and will be locked out of your computer, let alone the convenience that it will bring to you. How to recover windows server 2008 password is an emergency for all of us who lost or forgot the password already. Here I would like to introduce several efficient tools for you to reset the password without troubling any other people, such as your friends or family, you can operate on your own.

Windows Login Recovery is the best free tool for all versions of Windows password recovery, it is strongly recommended online by net citizens. Easy operation, clear and graphical interface and quick password recovery speed are its outstanding features. It is so professional that offers four different editions to fulfill users’ different needs. So whatever windows system you need to reset for or how long your password is, Windows Login Recovery surely can help you fix the problem.
1. Find an accessible computer, download and install Windows Login Recovery.
2. Run it, find a blank CD/DVD or USB drive (if it is not blank, back up your data.) and insert it into the computer mentioned above to make a password reset disk first.
3. Take the disk out and put it into the locked computer. That will bring up a friendly windows password reset wizard, follow the guiding of it then you can make the password reset.
windows password reset
Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is another better free tool for Windows password recovery, though it really doesn’t recover your current password at all. This software works a little different from most of the other software which is also specially designed for password recovery, it will delete your password instead of recovering or resetting the password for you. If you just want to remove the password, I would like to introduce this tool for you. Just like the tool above, you also have to download the free ISO image from the website, and then burn it to the CD, then boot from it to reset your password, the process seem the same as the tool above.

Anmosoft Windows Password Reset Professional is another professional tool for all versions of Windows password reset, including Windows server 2003/2008, Windows 7/8/XP/Vista, etc. it is the professional edition of the Anmosoft Windows Password Reset, this professional and powerful tool can reset Windows admin or other user password in 5 minutes by creating a password reset disk with a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive. Here I would like to introduce this tool for you is not for it is free to use but the quality it will provide to its users. Though this tool can guarantee you reset any Windows password at 100% success rate, as its well-written program will enable you reset the password on your own safely and swiftly without any trouble, but it also will provide 24/7 online technical support and 90 days money back guarantee if the program works failed. With this tool in hand, there Is no need for you to worry you would forgot the password, anytime you forgot the password, you can download the tool from the website and then reset your password as soon as possible on your own.
reset windows password
Setting a windows password is easy. Changing an old password to a new one is easy, too. After reading this passage you will realize that resetting a forgotten windows password is also pretty easy. Which one would you like to use to remove windows password? You can make up your decision now.

Windows password reset, Teriffic ultimate!

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

forgotPasswords exist everywhere! Having a secure password is extremely important for many people, especially for those shuttling back and forth in the professional life. Are you always puzzling over forgetting something significant password unexpectedly? Like being unable to call to mind of your credit card when in front of ATM, or forgetting your cell phone deblocking password. What’s worse, you may forget windows password beyond expectation in which you have preserved so many important data and files. Don’t worry, Anmosoft Windows password reset Software will help you reset your forgot windows password.

It is a professional software which is specially designed to recover all version of windows, that is to say it’s versatile. All in all it has four versions: the standard version, the professional version, the enterprise version and the ultimate version. What I intend to talk about in detail is the ultimate version which is the most powerful one containing the functions that the previous three editions have. If you need your windows sever 2008 password reset, it absolutely could help you. Except for removing the forgotten windows password, you also can change it in to a new password, or even create a new admin account directely. You just need three steps to complete your resetting: download, make a reset disk, reset your forgotten password. Remember that, you don’t need any accessible account and have no need to log in windows. Any user of this tool can enjoy a free lifetime upgrading service after you purchasing this tool. How terrific!

Useful software for Windows Server 2008 password reset

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

When people forget windows server 2008 password, they will feel panic. Because computer windows lock is not like a lock at the door that we can hammer on to breaks it. Unlocking windows password seems not only a little bit difficult than breaking a door lock. We go on asking everyone we know about remedies, tricks and the software available for windows server 2008 password reset.

Reasons of forgetting windows password can be many. Whenever someone accompanies us when we visit our personal computer, we are dogged with the idea that the windows password has been spied. The security tips like “Change the password frequently!” and “Keep the windows password long!” come in our mind instantly. What happen when we sit back to login windows after changing the old windows password to a new difficult one? We have forgotten windows password!!! It is like keeping an item so safely that even the person who kept it forgot the place.
To reset windows server 2008 password, tricks are using windows password reset tool. For its simple password resetting procedure and powerful resetting function, it definitely deserves being attended. All kinds of windows password reset tools are presented in the market. But maybe not all of them are fit with you, choose it carefully.

Windows 2008 Password Recovery Software

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

When forgot windows server 2008 password, why should computer users choose windows password reset software to reset forgotten password? There are actually some reasons:

One, windows password reset tool is easy-to-use and takes much less time to reset windows server 2008 password. All the resetting procedure is just three steps. Each step is just a few mouse-clicking. From beginning to the last, computer users just need to spend a few minutes for windows server 2008 password reset. If you spend much more time than I said, you must be spend time on looking for an accessible computer and a blank CD/DVD or USB drive which are needed for resetting windows password. Once you get the two things, windows server 2008 password recovery is really just a matter of minutes.

Two, it is safer to use windows password reset tool to reset windows server 2008 password. Windows password is set for protecting privacy in the computer. If you ask somebody else to help you remove the password, can you guarantee he or she would not open your files? Some evils would even show them to the public. That way, your windows password doesn’t mean anything. As for using windows password reset tool, you can get windows server 2008 password reset all by yourself. No one can spy your secret that preserved in the locked computer. You also can set a new windows password after removing windows password if you need it.

Three, no data lose, no files damage. All the things in the computer will be exactly the same as before except the windows password. After using windows password reset tool to do windows server 2008 password recovery, you can log on windows with no passwords or with a new password.

When Forgot Windows Server 2008 Password and cannot login

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

When computer users forgot windows server 2008 password, why it is better for them to reset password by themselves?

When you need to reset windows server 2008 password, you can send your locked computer to the repair shop or you can do it all by yourself. I prefer the latter.

Sending the locked computer to the repair shop will spend you much more time to reset windows server 2008 password. There is much stuff to be done in the repair shop, we are not sure they will do it for us firstly as long as we send the computer to them. Maybe it will take a few days to make it done. It is not worthy to spend a few days just for windows server 2008 password reset. For you can do it on your own in a few minutes by using windows password reset tool.

You should pay them money when they help you fix the problem. But for resetting windows server 2008 password on your own, you won’t spend any money. There are many ways can help you regain access to windows, free and easy to operate.

As people set a windows password, it aims to protect the privacy in the computer. When sending the locked computer to the repair shop, your privacy is not safe anymore. Diabolical people may scan your files that preserved in the computer or some evil even may unveil your privacy to the public. It is dangerous. Doing Windows server 2008 password reset by yourself, no people see your privacy. What’s more, all you things in the computer won’t be damaged. If you do have some important files in the computer, you’d better reset forgotten windows password by yourself or by others with the present of you.

After reading the passage, which ways do you prefer for windows server 2008 password recovery?

Tools for Windows Server 2008 Password Reset

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Is there a tool around you to reset windows server 20008 password? If not, it is the time for you to prepare one. As a computer user, forgot windows server 2008 password is a common thing. In order to not waste time and money, you’d better do something about windows server 2008 password reset now.

Using windows password reset disk is thought as the easiest way to reset windows server 2008 password. So right now you can create one in case when you still can log on computer. The disk is only work for a special account, but not all windows user accounts. Prepare a USB drive or CD/DVD and get started.
1. Click Start and select Control Panel.
2. Find the User Account and Family Safety and click User Account.
3. Insert the CD/DVD or USB drive and click on create a Windows server 2008 password reset disk.
4. Click Next on the Forgotten Password Wizard.
5. Select the device you used to create the password reset disk.
6. Type current user account password and click OK.

It is too late to create a windows password reset disk. Then there is another tool you can prepare—professional Windows server 2008 password recovery tool. You don’t have to prepare it before computer is locked. Anytime anywhere you lose your windows password, you can download it online and make you log on computer soon. Using it to reset windows server 2008 password, you data and files that preserved in the computer won’t be damaged. This computer software also works to other Windows system as well, including Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003, Server 2000, 2008, etc.

How to reset windows server 2008 password will not be a difficulty anymore with the help of the featured-in Windows password recovery tools while lost password.

Reset Windows Server 2008 Password with No Damage

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Computer users are afraid that reset windows password will hurt their computers after they forgot windows server 2008 password. You can put your mind at rest, it won’t happen like that, especially using professional windows password reset tool.

According to some computer users who have reset windows server 2008 password, some ways cannot help them fix the problem efficiently. Chances are that forgetting windows password happens in different cases, maybe some people lose windows 7, windows XP password or others, some lose admin password but some lose guess user password. Is there a way can figure out all cases in one time? The answer is yes.

A third-party windows password reset tool not only won’t damage your computer, but also can fix all the problems mentioned above. The utility enables you get windows server 2008 password reset at ease by DIY a bootable windows password reset disk with the tool. After making the disk, all you need to do is to make clicks and press several keys on the well-written user guide. Just a few minutes later, you will find that the password is successfully reset without any data losing and files damaging.

Below is the detailed tutorial of taking use of windows password reset tool to get windows server 2008 password recovery.
1. Download the software online and install it on an accessible computer (you should find one in advance).
2. Run the program, insert a blank CD/DVD or USB drive you have prepared into the accessible computer.
3. Select the device you use and click Start and then click Yes to burn a password reset disk.
4. Insert the disk into the locked computer. When the program starts, choose the windows system and click Next.
5. Choose the user name you want to reset password for and click Next.
6. The program will reset windows server 2008 password automatically and you can log on windows without any passwords.