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In Win 7 system, there are two basic types: Administrator and Standard. The Administrator account has full control of the system and system settings while the standard user account only have essentially access to files and settings for particular user when we login Win 7. When you forgot the password for this Windows OS, you can try the following methods to recover password windows 7, or you can choose one of them to finish your goal.

1: Reset Win7 Password by Computer Management
First of all, you can login Win7 with the accessible administrator computer. And then you need to right-click “Computer” icon to select “Manage” to open computer management screen. On this screen, double-click “Local Users and Group” on the left of the appeared screen. And then double-click “Users” folders. When all the Windows user names were displayed to you on the right of computer management screen, you should right-click the user name which you have forgotten, and then select “Set Password”. When a dialog box pops up, you should click “Proceed”. At last, you must enter and confirm a new password for the account, and then click “OK”. Well, you have finished your goal by the computer management.

2: Reset Password for Windows by lursrmgr.msc
When you start your computer, you could click “Start” button and enter “lusrmgr.msc” into the Search box, and then press “Enter”. In the coming Local Users and Groups screen, double-click “Users”. And then right-click the account that you need to reset the password for, and then click “Set Password”. Finally, you should type and confirm the new password, and then click “OK”. Just a few minutes, you have successfully got your task finished.

3: Reset Forgotten Windows Password by Windows Password Reset Software
To begin with, you should download and install Windows Password Reset Software in any other accessible PC. And then you must run the application and insert a bootable CD/DVD or USB Disk in the PC and burn an ISO image file to the CD/DVD or USB Disk. After that, you could insert the burned CD/DVD or USB Disk in your locked computer. At last, you can remove forgotten Windows password with the burned CD/DVD or USB Disk. If you want to use this tool, you should prepare a CD/DVD or USB Disk in advance.

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4: Reset Forgotten Windows 7 Password by a USB Password Reset Disk
First of all, you should login on your computer with the target Windows account. And then you can enter a wrong password in the welcome screen password box, and press “Enter”. When the error message appears before your eyes, you could click “OK”. And then you must click on “Reset password” on the following screen. When he welcome screen of password reset wizard comes up, remember to click “Next”. And then you can follow the forgotten password reset wizard to reset the lost Win 7 password. When you want to use this disk, you must remember to create a password reset disk before you locked out of Win7.

Forgot Windows 7 password? Please choose one of them to help you regain the access to your computer.

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