Compare Three Ways for Windows Password Reset

In case that you have forgotten windows password, there are three ways for you to reset it. Which one do you prefer?

Method 1: windows password reset disk

The disk is made with a CD/DVD or USB drive (as you like) before computer is locked. One disk for one special account.

Step 1: Run the locked computer and log on windows with the locked account.

Step 2: put the password reset disk into the locked computer.

Step 3: Type a password as you like into the password box, and press Enter.

Step 4: When the error massage comes up, click OK.

Step 5: Click Reset Password.

Step 6: When the Windows password reset wizard appears, click Next.

Step 7: Follow the wizard to reset windows password, just some mouse-clicking.

Method 2: Safe Mode

Actually it is using an administrator account to reset windows password for other windows accounts.

Step 1: Log on windows with the account which own administrator privilege

Step 2: Find out the Search box and type lusrmgr.msc into it and press Enter. Then the “Local Users and Groups” window shows up.

Step 3: Click “Users” on the left of the window, then right-click the account you want to reset password for, choose “Set Password” and input a new password.

Step 4: Use the new password to log on windows.

Method 3: third-party windows password reset software

It is still need to burn a password reset disk, not by the locked computer, but the windows password reset software.

Step 1: Find an accessible computer (not the locked computer) and download a windows password recovery tool and install it.

Step 2: insert a CD/DVD or USB drive (as you like) into the computer to make it into a bootable password reset disk.

Step 3: put the disk into the locked computer to reset windows password.

Which method do you think is easier and more convenient? Let me know.


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