Detail Steps for Windows 7 Password Recovery

Windows 7 is popular among computer users for its new and powerful functions. New it is, but computer users still meet the same problems when using windows 7 as using any other computer operating systems: forgot windows 7 password.

Without windows 7 password, computer users cannot log into windows to surf the Internet. They need to think out or reset windows 7 password. Forgetting windows password is likely because we have too many passwords, computer users can try their entire passwords to find out the windows password. List all the possible passwords on a paper, and try one by one. If all of them are not right, maybe your windows password is set in a different way.

When it comes to windows 7 password reset, taking use of third-party windows password reset tool is the quickest way to remove the password and make you log on windows soon.

Computer users firstly find a workable computer and log on the windows to download a windows password reset tool onto the computer and then install it.

Running the software and put a CD/DVD or USB drive into the computer and follow the windows box guiding to create a windows password reset disk for windows 7 password recovery. After you have been mentioned that the disk is successfully created, take it out and close the burning box.

Now, the windows password reset tool has burned an ISO file into the CD/DVD or USB drive to make it into a bootable disk for windows 7 password reset.

Put attention to the following key step: insert the disk into the locked computer and make the computer boot from the disk. If the locked computer fails to boot from the disk, you should press Del when the computer restarts and set BIOS to boot from CD/DVD or USB flash drive (if you use CD/DVD as device to make a windows password reset disk, you should choose CD/DVD, the same as USB flash drive). Press F10 to save the setting and reboot the locked computer to reset windows 7 password.

When computer successfully boots from the disk, the friendly interface of windows password reset box will be appeared. It will clearly show you how to reset windows 7 password, actually just some mouse-clicking.

Simply say, the resetting procedure is just three steps, it is much easier than I write out above. No complicated settings and terms, easily you can reset windows 7 password and log on windows soon.


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