Forgot windows 7 password? Three windows password recovery tools to help you.

Forgot windows 7 password? Keep your eyes on the following windows password recovery tools and pick up the one that is most fit with your situation.

1、Anmosoft Windows Password Reset

Anmosoft Windows Password Reset enjoys great reputation among users for windows 7 password recovery. With it, you can regain access to your computer quickly, no matter how complicated your passwords are. A bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive and a workable computer is needed to burn a windows 7 password reset disk, and then insert it into the locked computer to reset windows 7 password. It is compatible with all kinds of windows OS. But the trial version of Anmosoft Windows Password Reset can only list the user names but cannot reset the passwords.

Anmosoft Windows Password Reset software recover Windows password by four steps:

Step 1: Download Anmosoft Windows Password Reset and install.

Step 2: create a password reset disk using CD/DVD or USB Flash drive

Step 3: set BIOS to boot from the reset disk

Step 4: Restart windows, remove password


Ophcrack is one of the best free windows password recovery tool so far. It can reset windows 7 password that less than 14 characters. With Ophcrack, you don’t need to access to windows but visit the site and download the free ISO image, burn it to a CD and boot from the CD. The Ophcrack starts and proceeds to remove  windows 7 password. But you can only reset the password less than 14 characters and always fail to recover windows password as its large ISO files.

3、PC login Now

PC login Now is a better free windows password recovery program to reset windows 7 password. It deletes windows password instead of discovering and displaying it. The program allows you access to windows without passwords. And you can create a new password after that if you needed. But it’s a little bothersome that PC login Now causes windows to detect a possible hard drive problem on the first reboot after deleting the password.


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