What Can We Do Before and After Forgetting Windows Password?

BEFORE Forgetting Windows Password Disaster:

Do you think it is none of your business to do this right now? But we don’t know what will happen in the future. Creating a password reset disk is the best way to prevent you into the forgotten windows password disaster. With it, you can easily reset your password and get right in to Windows.With it, you don’t ever have to worry about forgetting your password again.

It’s true that there are ways to recover Windows password without a password reset disk but they are often complicated and time consuming.

BEFORE creating a password reset disk you have to prepare these:

  1. a floppy disk drive.
  2. a blank floppy disk.
  3. A computer with Windows OS.
  4. Less than 5 minutes of time.
  5. A sober brain.

Let’s begin! I will take Windows XP for example. Other OS is very similar to do this.

1.Click on Start and then Control Panel.

2.Click on the User Accounts link.

Note: If you’re viewing the Classic View of Control Panel, double-click on the User Accounts icon.

3.In the pick an account to change area of the User Accounts window, click on your Windows XP user name

4.In the Related Tasks area on the left, click the Prevent a forgotten password link.

5.When the Forgotten Password Wizard window appears, click Next

6.On the next screen, verify that a blank floppy disk is inserted in your floppy disk drive. Click Next to continue.

7.With the disk still in the drive, enter your current account password in the text box and click Next.

8.Windows XP will now create the password reset disk.

When the progress indicator shows 100% complete, click     Next and then click Finish in the next window.

9.You can now remove the floppy disk from your computer.

Label the disk “Password Reset” and your “user name” and then store it in a safe place.


  1. You only need to create a password reset disk for your Windows logon password once. No matter how many times you change your password, this disk will always allow you to create a new one.
  2. While a password reset disk will certainly come in handy if you ever forget your password, keep in mind that anyone who possesses this disk will be able to access your account at any time, even if you change your password.
  3. All the user accounts have to make its OWN disk!

AFTER Forgetting Windows Password Disaster:

OK. I admit that this is the most important part. Because when you read this article, it is probable that you already forgot your important windows password. But this might help you ou!

1. Use the “Reset Disk”.

Windows XP and further versions also provide another method to recover forgotten password by using “Reset Disk“. If you created a Password Reset Disk as above in past, you can use that disk to reset the password. To know more about it, please visit following links:

How to create and use a password reset disk for a computer in a domain in Windows XP

2.Using Windows XP Setup CD

If the above mentioned tricks don’t work, then try following trick which is actually a loophole in Windows XP Setup and a big security hole:

A. Boot using Windows XP Setup CD and follow the instruction like Accepting EULA, etc.

B. When it asks to repair your existing Windows installation, accept it and press “R” to run the repair.

C. Setup will start repairing your Windows and will start copying files, etc.

D. After a few minutes setup will restart your system and when it restarts don’t press any key when it shows “Press any key to continue…” otherwise Setup will start from the beginning. Don’t press any key and setup will resume where it left. E. Now it’ll start doing other tasks and will show a small progress bar with a few details in left side.

F. Look carefully at the details and when it shows “Installing devices“, press <Shift>+F10 keys in your keyboard.

G. It’ll open a Command Prompt window. Now type nusrmgr.cpl and press <Enter>.

H. It’ll open the same “User Accounts” window which you see in Control Panel.

I. Now you can remove or reset any account password without any problem.

3. Use NTFS DOS tool to restore

Difficulty:Difficult .

So if you are a computer newbie, it is better for you to choose other methods. Windows XP password First of all, downloads a “NTFS DOS” tool via which to create a bootable disk that can operate NTFS partition under DOS. After the DOS is started, switch to system directory, e.g. “C: Windows\System 32”. Change the name “Logon.scr” with “Logon.scr.bak”. Get a copy of “Command.com”, and rename it with “Logon.scr”, then reboot the computer. When the screensaver is activated, you will see that the screen is shown in command-line mode with administrator permission, with which to reset the password or create new administrator account. After you log onto Windows XP, rename the “Logon.scr.bak” back to “Logon.scr” will be OK. This method is applicable to the Windows XP installed on NTFS partition.

4. Try some Windows Password Recovery Tools.

If you are not a computer technician, or not familiar with computer system operations, you may feel the above methods are scary and still can’t figure out what I am saying. Then you may try to use the software programs which may suit you.

The existing Windows password recovery software are many. You can also refer to Reset Windows Password For Free.

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