Free Tools for Window 7 Password Recovery

If you dislike some rechargeable windows password reset tool when you forgot windows 7 password, then I would introduce you some other free windows password recovery tools.

1. Ophcrack
You can use free Windows password reset software named Ophcrack to reset windows 7 password, which is by far the best free windows password reset tool. This program comes with huge ISO files which will take you hours to finish the downloading and installing of it.
1. Visit the site of Ophcrack, download the free ISO image, and then burn it to a CD.
2. Reboot your locked computer from the CD.
3. Ophcrack program will start to locate the Windows user accounts and get the lost Windows password recovery.

2. PC Login Now
It is regarded as one of the better free windows password reset tool for windows 7 password reset. Computer users choose it because it is much easier to use, but sometimes it doesn’t actually recover passwords. Instead of displaying your current windows password, PC Login Now deletes it directly, you can access to windows without passwords. After log in windows, you can create a now one. PC Login Now can delete the 15-character password for windows 7.

3. Kon-Boot
It is another free windows password reset tool much like PC Login Now. The process of windows 7 password recovery is quick and easy. Just burn the program to a disc, make the locked computer booted to it and you are off. It is worthy to give Kon-Boot a try. It is very very easy to use and maybe it is the fastest tool for windows password recovery.

Password recovery tools are often called “password cracker” tools because sometime people use them to crack into other people’s computers. Legally cracking your own computer is certainly an allowable practice!


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