Get Ready for Windows Server 2003 Password Recovery

In case that you will forgot windows server 2003 password someday, you should do something to avoiding such things make you into stuck or get something ready for windows server 2003 password reset from now on.

The day you set up a windows server 2003 password, you should write it down in a secret book or note down some guiding questions that involve with the password. You can easily dope out the forgotten windows password by the help of these guiding questions. So, don’t take the guiding questions as complicated and useless chore, it helps in the nick of the time.

If you think writing down the password or setting guiding questions is not safe enough to protect the computer, you can set one more administrator account beside the original one. Administrator account can reset windows password for any other user accounts. This way you can use it to reset windows server 2003 password for other accounts when you forget windows password.
Or you can make a windows password reset disk before the computer is still accessible. The disk is made with a CD/DVD or USB drive (as you like). After making, you should keep it in a safe place to prevent others from getting it, or they can reset your windows password and log on your computer without permission. Once you forgotten windows server2003 password, take out the disk and put it into the locked computer (the disk must be created by this computer and the account you want to reset password for) and reset windows server 2003 password.

Haven’t prepared all these things, you still can easily perform windows server 2003 password recovery by using professional windows password reset tool. Anytime computer users lose windows password, it can easily remove the password and make them log on windows soon. In a word, all you need to prepare for windows server 2003 password reset is to learn how to use this tool to reset windows password.


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