How do I get out of the Thanksgiving presentation trouble?

Thanksgiving 2011 is coming. It’s that time of year again that family get together to enjoy the turkey feast, pumpkin pie and best of all – the happiness of family reunion. Every year people will get busy to send cards, messages, mails and gift to their family and friends for greeting. And I plan to make a Thanksgiving PowerPoint presentation for the family.

I finished the PowerPoint presentation yesterday and saved it on my computer. This morning I start my computer to show my brother the Thanksgiving presentation, but when it comes to the Windows login screen, it needs password to let me in. The truth is that I bought this computer on a second hand market and I don’t know what the password is. It is so weird that it didn’t need me to enter password the first time I run it.

The problem is that how do I bypass the unknown Windows password to access my Thanksgiving PowerPoint presentation? I searched on Google and asked people in the forums, and then I got a solution. Here I it is:

1, I go a Windows password reset website to download a password reset tool and install it on another computer.

2, Run this program to burn a DVD reset disk

3, Insert the DVD reset disk to my password locked computer, and set BIOS to boot computer from DVD disc

4, 1 minute later, the program interface appears to let me select the OS systems and user accounts to set password for. I check all accounts and click Next to reset the password in a few seconds.

Now the program tells me that all Windows password on the computer are removed.

I restart my computer, and it doesn’t ask me to enter password again. And I can show my Thanksgiving PowerPoint presentation to the family, they are so happy watching it.

The conclusion is that if you forgot your Windows password, or want to enter a computer without knowing the password, you may use a program name Anmosoft Windows Password Reset to remove the Windows passwords. Official site of this program:

Happy Thanksgiving Day to you all.

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