How to change or recover Windows 7 password?

Forgot Windows 7 password can be a pain and many of us have gone through it. Windows 7 system is become more and more popular, about 80% of the computer in the world is using Windows 7 system. Sometimes, In order to protect some important data, people always set a password for their Windows 7 operation system, but that is a case that there’s always times one may forgot Windows 7 password to log on the computer, as you face this problem, what will you do?

Here, I will tell you something about how to change, recover or reset Windows 7 password.

1.How to change a Windows 7 password?

If you still remember the password what you have set before, then it’s easy to change  password.

Step1.Click on Start and then Control Panel.
Step 2. Click on the User Accounts and Family Safety.
Step 3. Click on the User Accounts link.
Step 4. In the Make changes to your user account area of the User Accounts window, click the Change your password link.
Step 5. In the first text box, enter your current password.
Step 6. In the next two text boxes, enter the password you would like to start using.
Step 7. In the final text box, you’re asked to Type a password hint.
Step 8. Click on the Change password button to confirm your changes.

2.How to recover Windows 7 password?

Many times, we forgot password on Windows 7 for logon and cannot access to the Windows 7 system, then what would you do to reset Windows 7 password as soon as possible? Methods are provided for you here:
Method 1: Try hard to remember the forgotten Windows password

Most Often, human being is very funny. This time, you won’t remember the thing what you urgently want to remember. But, when you have a coffee, take a snap or even come back after some time, you will found that you suddenly remember your Windows password.

Method 2: Use the Windows Password Reset Disk

If you have created a Windows password reset disk at some point in the past, use it at the windows logon screen to change your password. The password reset disk will still work even if you’ve changed your Windows password since creating the disk.

Tips: How to create a Windows 7 password reset disk.

Go into the control panel and open the user account Settings, find the user account and security options and then click user account. Will the mobile disk, floppy disk has knocked out now, so use the USB. And then in the left side of the window, click the create a Windows password reset disk and then click next. Follow the on-screen tip and complete the operation steps.

Method 3: reset your forgotten Windows 7 password With the Windows Password Recovery Software

Anomosoft Windows Password Reset is a powerful tool and easy to use, it can reset your windows password in several steps and a few minutes. With this Windows password recovery software, how to reset password of windows will not a problem again.

Anmosoft Windows Password Reset software recover Windows password by four steps:

Step 1: Download Anmosoft Windows Password Reset and install.

Step 2: create a password reset disk using CD/DVD or USB Flash drive

Step 3: set BIOS to boot from the reset disk

Step 4: Restart windows, recover Windows 7 password by the CD/DVD or USB Flash drive that you made at step 2.

Next time, if you lost your Windows 7 password again, Anmosoft Windows password Reset will be your best choice. With it, you can remove your forgotten windows 7 password easily and quickly. Anmosoft Windows password Reset, the best Windows 7 password recovery software!

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