How to recover my password on Windows 7 computer which includes Steve Jobs affairs documents?

Q: This is urgent. I am a journalist and I’m writing reports on Steve Jobs for the newspaper. About 2 hours ago, I wrote and saved the reports on Word documents, and then I shut down my computer. Now I start my computer and am noted to enter password to login Windows, but SADLY I forgot my password. How do I recover Windows 7 password without losing my report documents about Steve Jobs?

A: Well, Steve Jobs is a great man, and you are a forgetfulness man. ^-^

And here are two methods you can follow to recover your Windows 7 password without losing your Steve Jobs reports.

1. Use a password reset disk if you have already created.

2. use a password tool to reset it

I recommend you use Anmosoft Windows password reset , it can recover Windows 7 password in minutes. You can free download it here: and try it free. Please follow the steps and you can easily recover the password:

Step 1.Download Windows password Reset

Step 2.Burn bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive

Step 3.Set up your computer boot from CD/DVD or USB

Step 4.Reset Windows password by a few clicks.

Please read the step by step guide on how to reset windows 7 password:

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