How to recover Win 7 password by yourself

Some people may tend to turn to others for a help when they encountered any trouble in the daily life, so does they face this question when they forgot Windows 7 password, if you forgot the password for the first time, they may pay their attention to get you out of the trouble, however, if you forgot the password frequently, can you trouble others all the time? So, why not learn something about how to recover Windows 7 admin password by yourself now? Then, there is no need for you to trouble any other people or pay extra money for some expert.

windows password resetMany people though it is so difficult for them to recover the lost or forgot password on their own, though it sounds so easy, but in fact, it is really very easy for you to get your password recover as long as you use the Windows password reset tool. Some people thought they can reinstall the operation system, as it is also a way to bypass the password, but there is no need for you to waste so much time to wait for the process be finished, what’s more, there is really no need for you to lose any data or files which are preserved on your computer, and you should start from the beginning. Some people may have heard that using a Windows password reset disk can also remove the password, but the key is you have created such a disk in advance, if you have created such a disk, there is no need for you to learn more, because the disk which you have created is the best tool for Windows 7 password recovery. All in all, the password reset tool is the most convenient one for you to get your password reset.

In case you haven’t use such a tool before, here I will introduce some efficient tools for you, one is free and the other is chargeable. PC Login Now is the free one that I would introduce to you, this tool is one of the better free software list online for Windows 7 password recovery, Windows XP, Windows Vista password as well. However, this tool works a little different from most of the other ones, it will erase you current password instead of discovering or displaying the password for you, so if you want to set a new password for your computer, you have to login to your computer and reset a new password for your computer by the system after you bypass the lost password. This tool is very easy to use, you can reset your password just follow the steps below:

Step 1: download the free software from the website and install it on an accessible computer.

Step 2: put a CD into the accessible computer.

Step 3: burn the program into your CD, and then pull the CD out of the accessible computer, now you have created a Windows password reset disk.

Step 4: boot from it to reset your lost or forgot password, you can operate follow the program one-by-one, then after several minutes, you can get your password instantly.

Another tool for you to reset the lost password is Windows Password Recovery, in fact, it is also list for free, but some computer users recommend that this tool is not really free, you have to pay for it if you want to run this program, but it is also said this very usable for all versions of Windows password reset, no matter you are losing the Windows 7 password or any other versions of Windows, such as Windows server 2003, Windows server 2008, this tool can support all.

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