How to Recover Windows 8 Password by Yourself

We use computers for life and work every day and everywhere. Many things cannot do without computers. We cannot separate with computers even for one day. So, what if users forgot windows 8 password and cannot gain access to computer? It must drive people crazy! At this moment, solutions must be found immediately to save your computers and save you at the same time.

Here we will share with you something about how to reset windows 8 password.

Method 1: Reset passwords by an available account with Admin privilege
As Windows administrator users can manage other user accounts, including resetting windows password, it is convenient to use an administrator account to reset Windows 8 password. But you should create another account with administrator right before the computer is locked, or this method cannot work.

Method 2: Create Windows password reset disk
Users can create a Windows 8 password reset disk by control panel. It is thought as the best way to recover Windows 8 password. When you enter a wrong password into the password box on the log on interface, click reset windows 8 password and insert the disk into the computer. Done! Password is reset, you can log in computer again. Meanwhile, many users fail to adopt this method because they forget to create a password reset disk before losing the password. If you are not proactive, this method cannot help you reset windows  8 password, too.

Method 3: Windows Password Recovery Tools
When using the password reset software, we need an accessible computer to burn a password reset disk with a blank CD/DVD or USB drive. And then insert the disk into the locked computer to reset windows 8 password. There is a lot of Windows 8 password recovery software in the market. You should choose carefully and pick up the right one. Using windows password recovery tools is not the easiest way to recover password, but the most efficient way to make you regain access to your computer.

Normally, I won’t advise you to perform a clean install on windows 8. This method would take much more time than the methods above. And all your data and files on the locked computer will be damaged or lost. Don’t easily try this method unless you have no choice.


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