How to Remove Administrator Password in Windows 7?

Windows 7 has been warmly welcomed by computer users all over the world as a good windows operating system. But the truth is that anyone could probably forget or lose windows 7 administrator password or other user account passwords. So it is necessary to find out how to reset windows 7 password.

Different situations have different solutions.
Guessing is one of the useful solutions. Our passwords always inspired by things, people around us or personal information. So, if windows 7 users are sure that their passwords are related to this common information, most of the time they can successfully find out their windows 7 administrator password by guessing. Or some smart people would set up some guiding questions when they create a windows password. You can easily dope out the forgotten windows 7 administrator password by the help of these guiding questions. So, don’t take the guiding questions as complicated and useless chore, it helps in the nick of the time.

Another user account with administrator privilege can reset windows 7 administrator password as well. We all know that administrator account can manage other user accounts, including reset their windows password. So, if we have another administrator account, we can log on the computer with it and reset password for the locked administrator account.

Users who have a windows 7 password reset disk may reset windows 7 administrator password as easily as a piece of cake. When people forget windows 7 password, insert the disk into the locked computer and reset the password. Only you have created a windows 7 password reset disk before the computer is locked can you use this method to reset windows 7 password.

If the methods above cannot work, never mind, there is still have an efficient way to reset windows 7 administrator password. That is taking use of Windows 7 password recovery tools. This kind of software specially and powerfully worked on remove Windows password, which could remove the lost or forgotten passwords for Windows7/XP/Vista/2000/2003/2008, etc. at ease without any data losing or file damaging. With these powerful tools at hand, you can easily reset administrator, standard user and guest passwords in a few simple steps. You will never worry about how to remove Windows 7 administrator password.

OK, the last way is perform a clean install on your windows 7. It definitely works, but takes time and maybe damages your files that preserved on your computer.

In case that the whole methods in this passage cannot get your windows 7 password back, OK, you can take your PC to repair shop. Actually, it seldom happens.


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