How to Reset Windows 7 Password

How to reset windows 7 password is always an annoying problem to many windows password users. For they never think about that they will forget windows 7 password and do no prepare. They feel panic when forgetting windows password thing happens. If computer users have some common sense about windows 7 password reset, they have no need to be panic.

Many computer users do not know that windows 7 support windows users to create a windows password reset disk on Control Panel. The disk should be created before the computer is locked and keep it in a safe place. When forgetting windows password, you can take it out and put it into the computer to reset windows 7 password. Well, if you have one Windows 7 password reset disk in hand, it will be a pretty easy work to bypass your forgotten Windows 7 password.

However, if you have not prepared a password reset disk in advance, how to recover Win 7 password then? Take it easy, for you could get your windows 7 password recovery as well in a minute by the help of a powerful tool as well. The Windows 7 password recovery tool could help you reset Windows 7 forgot or lost passwords by burning a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive, and it comes with four different editions: the standard, the professional, the enterprise and the ultimate. Each of them could help you get the lost or misremembered password reset while forgot Windows password in different cases.

All in all, when you forget  or lost windows 7 password, there must be ways to reset it and make you log on computer soon.


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