How to Reset Windows Password easily

Forgot windows password is not a great thing but also is not trivial. Computers are everywhere, the one you use is locked, and you can use another one. So losing windows password is not a big deal. But all things on the locked computer will be lost if you keep forgetting windows password. So losing windows password is not a trivial thing. Knowing how to reset windows password is necessary.

Is there a possibility that you lose the common users’ password or you have more than one admin account? If there is, you can reset windows password all by the locked computer. Admin accounts can manage the passwords of all the windows users. When you lose windows password, you can use admin account to log on the computer and change password for locked account by Control Panel. But if you lose admin password, you can use this method for windows password reset if you have another account with admin privilege.

Many computer users don’t know that windows can make a password reset disk for windows password recovery by Control Panel. One condition is that you should create the windows password reset disk before your computer has been locked. Or you cannot use this way to reset window password.

If you cannot use the above way, it shows that you haven’t done anything prepared for windows password reset in daily life. Luckily, there are professional windows password reset tool which specially invented for people who forget windows password. The tool is easy to use just the soma as windows password reset disk. You can reset password successfully in a few minutes. You won’t be delayed in working or some other things.

Don’t easy to decide to perform a clean install of windows – a process which erase everything on your computer. It’s drastic and obviously destructive. Every situation can be fixed by windows password recovery tool.


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