How to reset Windows password has provoked vigorous arguments

recover Windows 7 passwordThese days, how to reset Windows password has provoked vigorous arguments in the society. This debate is caused by the fact that everybody is probable to forget windows 7 password because of some certain not well-known reasons. For my share, I also have a way to solve it. I would like to use Anmosoft Windows password reset, a kind of software which is introduced by my friends.

So how do I recover windows 7 password with Anmosoft Windows password reset? I am going to introduce it to you in details. But there is something important for you to prepare——a computer which can surf the Internet, and a CD/DVD disc or USB flash drive which is blank at best, for instance, I prepared a CD/DVD disc. If not, I would like to back up the computer first of all so as not to damage or lose the data or files in the accessible computer. Then I would download and install Anmosoft Windows password reset on the accessible computer.

Next,on the first pageI will select “Reset local account password for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000”, then click “Next”.And on the next page, I will insert the blank CD/DVD I prepared into computer and select “CD/DVD”, and then click “Burn” to start to create a windows 7 password reset disk. When finished at once, click “Quit”.

Then, I will insert the password reset CD/DVD into the locked computer.And then select the Windows system you want to reset for, namely windows 7, then choose the user accounts that need to reset password for, and click “Next” to start resetting passwords. After the Windows 7 password is reset successfully, takes out the disk, click “Reboot” to restart computer.

Up to now, all the things I have mentioned above are how I recover windows 7 password.


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