If You Don’t Want The Windows Password Recovery Tools

Using windows password recovery tool is just one of several ways to reset windows password. If you don’t want to resort to third-party window password reset tool when forgot windows password, you should do something in case.

If you are a proactive people, once you set a windows password, you can realize that there is a possibility you would lose your windows password someday. So, do something prepared, you will never afraid of cannot fix up windows password recovery.

The first choice, you can set another account owning administrator privilege beside the original administrator. The reason is that admin account can reset windows password for any other windows account. Setting one more admin account, no matter what account passwords you forget, you can use one of them to reset windows password. The resetting steps are following:
Step 1: Entering the administrator password in the “Password” field
Step 2: Click “Start”, and open “Local Users and Groups” by typing “lusrmgr.msc” in “Search” box
Step 3: On the coming Local Users and Groups window, click Local Users and Groups→Users in order.
Step 4: Right-click the account that you need to reset the password for and then click Set Password
Step 5: Type and confirm the new password
Step 6: Restart your computer and log in with the new password

The second choice, you can make a windows password reset disk for windows password recovery. If you want to use the best and easiest way to reset windows password, and then you should make a password reset disk before the computer has been locked. Keep it well after making it.
1. Click Start and select Control Panel.
2. Find the User Account and Family Safety and click User Account.
3. Insert the CD/DVD or USB drive and click on create a password reset disk.
4. Click Next on the Forgotten Password Wizard.
5. Select the device you used to create the windows password reset disk.
6. Type current user account password and click OK.


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