Is Windows 8 Password Safer than Windows XP Password?

It’s no secret that Microsoft has made a lot of efforts to move all its Windows XP users to newer operating systems, be it Windows 7 or Windows 8,
such as, but as far as statistics go, only a few consumers are actually doing this. According to the latest figures provided by Net Applications in January 13, Windows XP still remains the second most popular operating system, with a market share of 38.71 percent. Windows 7 retains its top spot with a share of 45.35 percent, while Windows 8 is still far behind with 2.25 percent.

It indeed makes sense for the insistence of Windows XP users to some extent. On Oct. 25, 2001, Microsoft launched Windows XP, unknowingly unleashing its most successful operating system ever. Since then, issues on password security, say, how to create safe Windows XP password, how to recover Windows XP password, have long been of crucial importance to Windows XP users. It is the same for Windows 8 users. When Windows 8 first came into market, PC users are surprised for its new password forms, Picture Password and PIN code. Because of the new password features in Windows 8, even some Windows XP users are confused whether the traditional text password in Windows XP has lagged far behind Windows 8 in consideration of password security. Actually, this is not necessarily the case.

As we all know, the two new authentication methods in Windows 8, Picture Password and PIN code, are based on a regular user account. In other words, the user must firstly create an account with a regular text password and then optionally switch to PIN or picture password authentication. That’s the problem! It is said that once a user has switched to a new authentication method, his or her text password can be encrypted using the AES algorithm and saved to protected Vault storage in a Windows System folder, which contains Vault records with SIDs and text passwords of all users with active PIN or picture password authentication.

On the other hand, Windows XP, the old but still popular operation system, has been familiar to both hackers as well as its users. All kinds of researches have been made on protecting Windows XP password security. We can say, after years of usages by millions of users all around the world, Windows XP users needn’t to worry about any unknown or potential bug, which enables hackers to steal your data secretly. Meanwhile, we have rich experience to nip in the bud.

To make your Windows XP password more reliable, users should firstly create a relative complicated and long password. It shouldn’t be a set of consecutive numbers or letters, password with personal information as a part, real words can be found in dictionary, characters according to keyboard sequence, etc. In addition, keep Windows XP computers in safe places. Once someone malicious get physical control on your computer, no matter what operation system you’re using, your Windows password can be useless if only he replace your hard disk or use third-party password software. Last but not least, a Windows XP password reset disk or a Windows XP password reset tool, such as, Anmosoft Windows Password Reset, is highly recommended.

It is too early to predict the development of Windows 8 in the future. However, we’re sure at least on one point now that the new Windows 8 password features won’t make Windows 8 password safer than the traditional text password in Windows XP.

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