Have Fun to Password Your Windows

Today computer users like to set a password to stop unauthorized people from logging in computer. And when talking about the Windows login password, do you only come up with number, letter and asterisk? Now as the advanced technology developing, Windows admin password can be your voice, fingerprint or others, not only limited to letters and numbers. And it is more fun and convenient for you to set password for Windows. But the security will be a matter of opinion.

In the following passage I’ll introduce 3 different types of password for Windows. You can have a fun and try the 3 different methods on your computer if possible. But before trying, the most important point for you is do not forget Windows password. Create a Windows Password reset disk to avoid the disaster or try some Windows Password recovery tools to reset Windows admin password.

Method 1: Password Consisting of Number, Letter and Asterisk

Windows login password

Convenient: ★

Security: Depend on the length of your password

Today most of computer users set Windows password with number, letter and asterisk. Windows Password nearly has no limitation. From empty to 127 characters, you can set up any password you like. Usually, longer password is more secured while it is easier to be forgotten. And when you forget Windows login password, you can still log on computer with Windows admin password reset software or by other methods.

Note: Although it will work to copy some non-English phrases to the password box when setting password.  NEVER do this. You cannot login again because you cannot change Input Method in the login Windows.

Method 2:Password with Fingerprint Recognition System

Windows login password with Fingerprint recognition system

Convenient: ★★★

Security: ★★★
To protect data on notebook, biometric security technology is another available method for you. Unlike the traditional password with number, letter and asterisk, biometric devices measure unique biological traits – like fingerprints, voice prints, or retinal images – and compare them to a stored profile. It is safer and more convenient.

As the most developed of these technologies, fingerprint recognition is now appearing in the corporate world. Computer companies like Acer and Compaq have released new laptops with built-in fingerprint scanners. When you set password with fingerprint recognition system, you can use the PC only if your biometric data matches the profile of the rightful user.

Note: Every time you login, you should make sure you finger try and be careful not to burn your finger.

Method 3:Password with Facial Recognition System

Windows login password with Facial Recognition System

Convenient: ★★★★

Security: ★

It is known that security and authentication devices have seen a lot of innovation lately. And now the Windows login password even can be your face picture. Now some computer manufactures has launched face recognition notebook which allows you to login to the system simply by having your face properly recognized by the integrated webcam during Windows startup.

It is very convenient and you have to do nothing to login your account. No need to keep track of hard-to-remember passwords. No unnecessary typing. Just take a snap of your face, and that image is stored on the laptop like a digital password. Lock the laptop up and when you next want to use it. The coolest thing it does is that it can take a picture of anyone trying to log in without the proper authorization. So you can check which of your colleagues or friends/family has been trying to snoop on your stuff.

Episode: One day I just sit before my brother’s laptop with facial recognition system. Then the laptop login my brother’s Administrator account automatically. Based on this episode, I don’t think it is secure when you have a brother or sister. Or it will be “too secured” when the light or your make up changed.
Don’t think it is fun to set password with the 3 methods above? Enjoy your computer since now! When come cross forgetting Windows login Password, please remember to reset Windows password with professional Windows password Reset software.

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