Recover Windows server 2008 password on your own

Windows server 2008 plays an important role in our daily life, especially for those people who work in the office, however, if you forgot the password you won’t be able to login to your computer and will be locked out of your computer, let alone the convenience that it will bring to you. How to recover windows server 2008 password is an emergency for all of us who lost or forgot the password already. Here I would like to introduce several efficient tools for you to reset the password without troubling any other people, such as your friends or family, you can operate on your own.

Windows Login Recovery is the best free tool for all versions of Windows password recovery, it is strongly recommended online by net citizens. Easy operation, clear and graphical interface and quick password recovery speed are its outstanding features. It is so professional that offers four different editions to fulfill users’ different needs. So whatever windows system you need to reset for or how long your password is, Windows Login Recovery surely can help you fix the problem.
1. Find an accessible computer, download and install Windows Login Recovery.
2. Run it, find a blank CD/DVD or USB drive (if it is not blank, back up your data.) and insert it into the computer mentioned above to make a password reset disk first.
3. Take the disk out and put it into the locked computer. That will bring up a friendly windows password reset wizard, follow the guiding of it then you can make the password reset.
windows password reset
Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is another better free tool for Windows password recovery, though it really doesn’t recover your current password at all. This software works a little different from most of the other software which is also specially designed for password recovery, it will delete your password instead of recovering or resetting the password for you. If you just want to remove the password, I would like to introduce this tool for you. Just like the tool above, you also have to download the free ISO image from the website, and then burn it to the CD, then boot from it to reset your password, the process seem the same as the tool above.

Anmosoft Windows Password Reset Professional is another professional tool for all versions of Windows password reset, including Windows server 2003/2008, Windows 7/8/XP/Vista, etc. it is the professional edition of the Anmosoft Windows Password Reset, this professional and powerful tool can reset Windows admin or other user password in 5 minutes by creating a password reset disk with a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive. Here I would like to introduce this tool for you is not for it is free to use but the quality it will provide to its users. Though this tool can guarantee you reset any Windows password at 100% success rate, as its well-written program will enable you reset the password on your own safely and swiftly without any trouble, but it also will provide 24/7 online technical support and 90 days money back guarantee if the program works failed. With this tool in hand, there Is no need for you to worry you would forgot the password, anytime you forgot the password, you can download the tool from the website and then reset your password as soon as possible on your own.
reset windows password
Setting a windows password is easy. Changing an old password to a new one is easy, too. After reading this passage you will realize that resetting a forgotten windows password is also pretty easy. Which one would you like to use to remove windows password? You can make up your decision now.

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