Reset Windows Server 2003 Password by Administrator Account

Without admin password, many things cannot be done on the computer. You cannot change the problem setting and cannot install program freely. Windows administrator account is important not only because of this point, but also it can reset windows password for other user accounts. When forgotten windows server 2003 password, you can use admin account to reset the lost windows password.

Well, windows server 2003 allows users to set up a windows password, there must be a way to reset windows server 2003 password when users lose it. Actually, users can get windows server 2003 password reset by another user account with administrator privilege.
Step 1: Log on windows with the account which own administrator privilege
Step 2: Click Start button and find out the Search box. Type lusrmgr.msc into the box and then press Enter. Then the “Local Users and Groups” window shows up.
Step 3: Click “Users” on the left of the window, then right-click the account you want to reset password for, choose “Set Password” and input a new password.
Step 4: Restart the computer and use the new password to log on the locked account.
Look at the steps above, it seems that get windows server 2003 password recovery is not that hard if computer users have another administrator account. People always fail to use this method because they don’t have other administrator account when they lose the original admin account, even some other people don’t know administrator can reset windows password for other user accounts. Make another account with administrator right now for windows server 2003 password recovery in the future.

Note: as for computer users who look for more convenient way to reset windows password, you can try windows password reset tools.


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