Reset Windows Server 2008 Password with No Damage

Computer users are afraid that reset windows password will hurt their computers after they forgot windows server 2008 password. You can put your mind at rest, it won’t happen like that, especially using professional windows password reset tool.

According to some computer users who have reset windows server 2008 password, some ways cannot help them fix the problem efficiently. Chances are that forgetting windows password happens in different cases, maybe some people lose windows 7, windows XP password or others, some lose admin password but some lose guess user password. Is there a way can figure out all cases in one time? The answer is yes.

A third-party windows password reset tool not only won’t damage your computer, but also can fix all the problems mentioned above. The utility enables you get windows server 2008 password reset at ease by DIY a bootable windows password reset disk with the tool. After making the disk, all you need to do is to make clicks and press several keys on the well-written user guide. Just a few minutes later, you will find that the password is successfully reset without any data losing and files damaging.

Below is the detailed tutorial of taking use of windows password reset tool to get windows server 2008 password recovery.
1. Download the software online and install it on an accessible computer (you should find one in advance).
2. Run the program, insert a blank CD/DVD or USB drive you have prepared into the accessible computer.
3. Select the device you use and click Start and then click Yes to burn a password reset disk.
4. Insert the disk into the locked computer. When the program starts, choose the windows system and click Next.
5. Choose the user name you want to reset password for and click Next.
6. The program will reset windows server 2008 password automatically and you can log on windows without any passwords.


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