Set BIOS to Reset Windows Server 2003 Password

When forgotten windows server 2003 password, computer users have an easy, efficient and popular way to reset password: professional windows password recovery tool.

We all know that such kind of tools is specially designed for all kinds of windows password reset. Beside easy resetting windows password, it won’t cause data losing and files damage. When reset windows server 2003 password, it is easy to make a windows password reset disk by an accessible computer and a blank CD/DVD or USB drive, but some computer users may face some difficulty when the locked computer fails to boot from the windows password reset disk.

How to set BIOS to boot from CD/DVD or USB drive? For example you have used a CD/DVD as a device to make a windows password reset disk for windows server 2003 password reset, you can follow the steps below:
1. Access to BIOS Setup: press F2, F10 or Delete when the locked computer power on, then the BIOS Setup interface shows up: middle content of the box is hardware options; the bottom line is designated symbols for moving around the BIOS interface and making change.
2. Press “→” to move the blue line menu to “Boot” and hit “Enter” to select it and come into sub-menu: computers’ booting device.
3. The booting device can be changed by pressing “+/-”. Choose “CD-ROM Drive” to set BIOS to boot from CD/DVD (if you use USB flash drive to make a windows password reset disk, you should choose “Hard Drive – USB Flash Disk (USB)” to make the computer boot from USB drive).
4. Press F10 directly to save the setting and exit BIOS interface. (Or you can select “Exit” menu and choose “Exit Saving Changes”.)
5. Select “Yes” to confirm saving configuration changes and exit the setting.
6. Restart the locked computer and it will boot from the windows password reset disk automatically. When the password reset interface appears, you can easily reset windows server 2003 password.

Because different computer motherboard have a bit difference on BIOS setting, you can search the Internet to learn how to set BIOS according to your computer brand and motherboard. Naturally, it is largely identical but with minor differences. After setting BIOS, windows server 2003 password recovery can be finished in one minute.


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