Steps For Windows 7 Password Recovery

There is no doubt that forgotten windows 7 password brings much trouble to computer users. Without windows 7 password, users cannot log into windows to surf the Internet, cannot use computer for work and play games etc. Anyway, all functions that existed in computer cannot be used. There is no time to delay to reset windows 7 password.

Among all windows password reset methods, we definitely choose the easiest way to fix the problem firstly. That is using windows 7 password reset disk. The disk should be prepared well before the computer is locked. Because the disk only useful for the computer which used to create it. Following are the detail steps for windows 7 password reset by windows password reset disk.
Step 1: Run the locked computer and log on windows with the locked account.
Step 2: Type a wrong password into the welcome screen box, and press Enter.
Step 3: When a massage reminds you that the password is incorrect, would you like to reset the windows password, click OK.
Step 4: Click Reset Password.
Step 5: When Windows 7 password reset wizard appears, click Next.
Step 6: Follow the wizard to reset windows 7 password.
Step 7: After the password is reset successfully, click Finish to exit.

Well, for the computer users who are not proactive enough there is another way for them to get windows 7 password reset — windows password reset tool.
It is a professional password recovery tool which is specially designed for resetting windows password, all kinds of windows passwords and windows versions. Unlike re-install windows, windows password reset tool won’t cause any loss to the locked computer. After windows 7 password recovery, the locked computer will be exactly the same as before but losing a windows password. You can re-create one on Control Panel after you log on windows if you want to.


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