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Is your Windows 7 password safe enough?

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

Windows 7, unlike its previous version, Windows Vista, which equips a lot of new features, was designed to be a more focused, incremental upgrade to the Windows OS line. Indeed, it has now successfully outnumbered Windows XP and become the most popular operation system with the biggest number of users even though Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 are all released recently. Despite this, Windows 7 password is a rather troublesome to most Windows 7 users. On one hand, they find it’s not easy to remember Windows 7 password clearly all the time and they have to resort to a Windows 7 password recovery tool on a regular basis. On the other hand, even if they can remember Windows 7 password clearly, whether the Windows 7 password is safe or not is a really a question.

Is your Windows 7 password stored safely?

Do you have any idea where your Windows 7 password stored? Actually, in Windows 7, password is stored in the SAM registry hive. Take the administrator password as an example. In general, to find the password to an admin account in Windows 7 may take minutes up to hours depending on the situation. It seems that the password in Windows 7 is safely stored. However, according to some IT experts, the password hints in a scrambled format in Windows 7 can be easily converted into human-readable form. The clue is added to Windows 7 registry when users configure a Windows account to provide a hint about the password needed to access it. Although this stuff seems to be unreadable at the first sight, it can clearly be decoded and could be used by tools that extract the data from the SAM. And the hints are available to anyone who has physical access to a targeted Windows 7 PC.

How to make your Windows 7 password safer?

A strong Windows 7 password is extremely important to WIndows 7 computer security. In view of it, some users set a complicated password consisting of various numbers, characters and symbols. It will greatly improve the system security without doubt. But if the user has bad memory, the complex password can be easily forgotten. I suggest we can make a complex password and avoid simple alphanumeric passwords, but we should create a Windows 7 password reset disk in advance so that we can easily get our forgotten Windows 7 password reset in a few minutes. The password reset disk can be repeatedly used to reset Windows password without limitation. You also need to know that, others are also able to enter your computer with the disk. So please store your disk in a safe place. In addition, we should keep cautious when we download software on the Internet, some malware usually disguised to ask you to enter your account and Windows 7 password. Meanwhile, update your passwords and use your antivirus software regularly to prevent virus, spyware and other safety problems.


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