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Recover Windows xp administrator password

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

More and more people put their trust in Windows but not any other operation system. However, the kind of unexpected forgot Windows password incidents happens regularly. We should know some methods to reset windows password so that we can do this job by ourselves when we forgot windows password.

Option 1:

We all know that Windows XP password is stored in the system where the file in the WINNT \ OF SYSTEM32 \ CONFIG SAM . SAM file is the account password database file. When we login to the system, the system will automatically and CONFIG in the SAM automatic proofreading, such as encrypted data are consistent with the password and user name with the SAM file, you will be smooth landing; If the error cannot be landed. That being the case, our first method to produce: delete the SAM file to restore the password. Remarks: XP cannot seem to delete the SAM file to reset windows password, only applies to 2000, we exercise caution. If you do not control any account contained in the originally system, and the two operating systems, you can use another access to NTFS operating system to start the computer, or not installed both systems, but can use other tools to access an NTFS. And then delete the C: to the \ WINNT \ SYSTEM32 \ CONFIG directory under the SAM file, and restart. This is the administrator account password. A concrete manifestation of the security account manager is% SYSTEMROOT The% \ SYSTEM32 \ CONFIG \ SAM file. SAM file is a Windows NT/2000/XP user accounts database, all users and login name and password information will be saved in this file

Option 2:

Use Anmosoft the Windows Password Reset, the software can easily reset windows password, most importantly, all data on your computer which will not be affected. Download this software from here:

Anmosoft windows password reset software recover Windows password by four steps:

Step 1: Download Anmosoft windows password reset and install.

Step 2: create a password reset disk using CD/DVD or USB Flash drive

Step 3: set BIOS to boot from the reset disk

Step 4: Restart windows, remove password.

Option 3:

The following describes a unique method. On a different partition, you can install an XP system, hard disk partition format as the original, and your attention to must not, and the original XP installation on the same partition. Before you begin, we must advance the backup boot sector MBR backup the MBR there are many ways to use tools such as antivirus software KV3000. The Bahrain login using ADMINISTRATOR, the original Windows XP you have an absolute write permissions, you can put the original SAM test down to get the original password 10PHTCRACK. Can cover the newly installed XP WINNT \ SYSTEM32 \ CONFIG \ all files to the C: \ WINNT \ SYSTEM32 \ CONFIG \ directory (for example the original XP installation here), and then indignant before KV3000 to restore the master boot District, the MBR. Now, you have finish the windows password recovery job and you can login windows as the administrator.