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What if forgot XP password?

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

One day, one of my friends told me that he forgot XP password for his computer and could not recall it with all efforts. I had no idea, so I looked for the information on the Internet. When I was searching, I found a problem of “forgot password Windows XP” like his. So I clicked it and read through it.reset windows xp password

Question: How can I retrieve my password to logon to Windows XP? I forgot password Windows XP I have set. How can I change it or get it back? I really don’t want to do anything with the BIOS because I am afraid I’ll mess up my computer.

Answer: There are many ways to find a Windows XP password that you forgot.

Method 1: password reset disk

Sometimes you will be told to create a password reset disk in advance before you forgot Windows XP password. Once you find your Windows XP password is lost or forgotten, just reset Windows XP password with the disk. The Windows XP password reset disk can be repeatedly used to reset password for your computer, so please remember to keep it in a safe place. Otherwise, unauthorized users can log on your computer and get access to the precious data on it. It will be a disaster for you if your privacy is leaked out.

Method 2: password reset software

In addition to the two methods above, you can also perform Windows XP password reset with third party password reset software. It can help you reset Windows XP login password by burning a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive once you forgot password Windows XP.

1. Download the password reset software and installs it.

2. Burn the ISO image file on the program to a USB flash drive.

3. Set your locked computer to boot from USB drive.

4. Reset forgotten Windows XP password with the burned USB flash drive.

Method 3: Ctrl+Alt+Del

As we all know, the built-in administrator account in Windows XP is not password protected. And that’s why a Windows XP user can easily regain access to his locked PC. Of course, the presupposition is that the user never adds a password to this administrator account.

1. Start or restart your PC and enter the Windows XP logon screen.

2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del twice to pop up the classic logon dialog box.

3. Type “Administrator” in the User name box and then click OK to log on your Windows XP machine.

4. Go to Control Panel to change or remove your password.

The above methods are useful for us to reset Windows XP password. So I told to my friends and he got the success. Of course, the method of resetting the password is not limited to the three options. For example, we could try our best to think of the password according to some clues. In addition, we could reinstall our operating system. In a word, we should just find one suits us best to reset our lost Windows XP password.