The Best Way to Reset Windows 7 Password

Windows has some handy features that allow computer users to reset forgotten windows 7 password on their own.

One, windows password reset disk. Some users said that it is the easiest way to reset windows 7 password, but I don’t agree, for the disk must made before the computer is locked. Moreover, one disk just for one user account. How could I know when I would lose the windows password and which windows password I would lose? If my computer has several user accounts, must I make several windows password reset disks? OK, in case that I have made. But when will I forget the windows password? When it really comes, maybe I cannot find the disks anymore. Actually, using windows password reset disk for windows 7 password reset is some kind of trouble.

Two, windows password hint. It is some questions that are used for reminding computer users to remember the windows password. It does work most of the time. But other people can easily guess out your password, too. For example, you set a reminded question like “when’s my birthday?” if you use the true number of your birthday, anyone can easily guess out the password. But if you use the wrong number, maybe you will forget it yourself.

Three, windows administrator account. As we all know, windows admin account manages all windows users in the computer, including recover windows 7 password for them. What if the admin account is just the account you forget windows password? You cannot use this way to get you regain access to computer, unless you have another admin account. Computer users can set another user account own admin privilege.

But why should we make us stuck in trouble? There is a good way for windows 7 password recovery — windows password reset tool. All kinds of windows password reset tools in the market can be used for windows password recovery. You won’t meet the trouble mentioned above then can make you windows password reset. Why not?


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