The methods to reset windows login password

Windows users do not set up a password because they’re afraid that maybe someday they will forgot windows  password and cannot access to their computers again. But people who don’t set a windows password should know that your privacy that keeps in your PC is in danger. In order to avoiding your privacy being snooped by other people, it is the time for you to set up a windows password. Don’t worry about losing or forgetting password. There are many methods for windows password reset easily. Now I show you three.

Method 1: Windows Password Reset Disk

The disk can be created with a USB flash drive or CD/DVD. Owning this disk, you can reset the forgotten windows password without knowing your original password. But you should keep it well or the people who get it can access to your computer by resetting your windows password. To use the password reset disk, click “Reset Password” after you entering a wrong password on logon screen, and then follow Password Reset Wizard to reset the password.

Method 2: Windows Password Recovery Tools

When using the password reset software, we need an accessible computer to burn a windows password reset disk with a blank CD/DVD or USB drive. And then insert the disk into the locked computer to reset windows password. There is plenty of windows password recovery software in the market. You should choose carefully and pick up the one that perfect match for you. Using windows password recovery tools is not the easiest way to recover password, but the most efficient way to make you regain access to your computer.

Method 3: Clean install of windows

I should say this is your last effort to save your computer. Don’t do this unless you have to. Reinstalling means you will lose all files stored on your computer, even some of them may be precious to you.

Well, anyone of the above methods can help you change windows password . According to your situation, pick up the right one!


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