Three methods help you recover Windows 7 password

A password must be set if PC owners want to keep their privacy. But if we forgot Windows 7 password, all things on the computer will be lose because you cannot access to your PC. At this moment, the only way to get your privacy back is to reset Windows 7 password unless you suddenly remember your password.

But, how? I am a green hand in Windows 7 password recovery. I never did that before. Don’t worry. Reset Windows 7 password is solvable with simple tweaks here and there. Here I will recommend you three ways to reset Windows 7 password.

Method 1: Reset passwords by an available account with Admin privilege
As Windows administrator users can manage other user accounts, it is convenient to use an administrator account to reset forgotten Windows 7 password. But you should create another account with administrator right before the computer is locked.

Method 2: Create Windows password reset disk
Window 7 can create Windows password reset disk by control panel. It is thought as the best way to recover Windows 7 password. Meanwhile, many users fail to adopt this method because they forget to create a password reset disk before losing the password.

Method 3: Professional Windows Password Recovery Tools
Anmosoft Windows Password Reset is your best choice to remove lost or forgotten Windows password. It is easy-to –use and powerful to reset passwords by burning a windows 7 password reset disk with CD/DVD or USB drive. No need to access to Windows account and no damage to your computer data and files. Its professional and powerful functions make it an appropriate password hacking tool for even the most novice of computer user.

Anmosoft Windows Password Reset software recover Windows password by four steps:
Step 1: Download Anmosoft Windows Password Reset and install.
Step 2: create a password reset disk using CD/DVD or USB Flash drive
Step 3: set BIOS to boot from the reset disk
Step 4: Restart windows, remove password


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