Three methods to reset Windows login password

In the internet, there are many ways to reset windows password, but many of them are simply not work. I have tried several of these methods, although they are not the best one, but it works. Windows XP registry is managed by the SAM file, in general, “Uncle Sam” is very difficult to handle. I think it is the reason why so many methods are not working. Ok, now I will show you three methods on recover windows password.

Method 1: Using “administrator” (this method is applicable to the administrator which the username is not “administrator”)

We know that in the installation of Windows XP process, the default login account is the administrator, and then will be required to create a new account, in order to enter Windows XP with the new account to log in, and in Windows XP login screen also only will appear to create this user accounts, won’t appear “administrator”, but in fact the “administrator” account is still there, and the password is empty.

After we know this, if forgot Windows password, in the login screen, hold down Ctrl + Alt key, then hold Del key twice, it will appear the classic login screen, at this point in the user name place type “administrator”, the password is empty and login, then we can reset Windows password at the control panel .

Method 2: Delete SAM files (this method applies only to WIN2000)

Windows NT / 2000 / XP use the Security account manager, Security account manager to account management is through the safety identification, safety identification in the account creation and create, once your account was deleted, all at the same time, mark was deleted. Safety identification is the only, even if is the same user name, each time creating a safety identification of completely different. Therefore, once a account is the user name reconstruction account, will also be give different safety identification, won’t keep the original jurisdiction. Security account manager of the specific performance is % SystemRoot % system32configsam files. SAM file is Windows NT / 2000 / XP user account database, all user login name and password and related information can be stored in the file.

Knowing this, we also produce a solution: delete SAM files, start system, it will rebuild a clean innocent SAM, inside nature has a password.

However, this simple method in XP is not suitable, in the Windows XP system, even if you delete the SAM, still can’t remove Windows password, it will make the system startup initial error, and thus into dead circulation and not into the system!

Method 3: Find out the password from the SAM files (the premise is can use the DOS basic command)

Before the system starts, insert startup disk, enter: C: WINNTSystem3Config use COPY command will SAM COPY files to floppy disk. Get another computer read. The tools are needed here LC4 will, LC4 will run, open and create a new task, which in turn strike “IMPORT-Import from SAM file”, has to be learned about open the SAM files, at this time will be automatic analysis of this document LC4 will, and shows the user name documents; Then click “Session-Begin Audit”, and then to crack password. If the password is not very complex words, a very short period of time will get the result.

However, if the password is some complex words, it will need us a long time to let Windows password recovery.


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