Three Popular Ways for Windows 7 Password Reset

When forgot windows 7 password, you can surf the Internet for answers. Huge amount of answers will be showed up if you search online. But you should pick up something useful only.

Here, the article will show you three useful and popular methods for you to reset windows 7 password.

Firstly, I strongly recommend you the most efficient way for windows 7 password reset— using windows password reset tool. The reason I said it is the most efficient way is that the software can 100% reset your lost password and all the resetting process just spend a few minutes. All you computer data and settings are kept intact without any damage and loss. Choose the software as your preferred way to reset windows 7 password, you have no need to know any reset password methods anymore. So I called it the most efficient way for windows 7 password recovery.

Of course, windows password recovery tool isn’t necessary if you’re proactive. Make a windows password reset disk before the computer is locked. A password reset disk is a special disk you can insert in your computer during the logon process that will allow you to reset windows 7 password without knowing your current password. You will need to create this disk before you lose access to your account.

But using windows password reset disk is only successful up to a point. As just said, you should make one before the computer is locked. The third way I will show command computer users should be proactive, too. Using windows administrator account can reset windows 7 password for other windows accounts. If you have an unlocked admin account, then you can use it to figure out the locked account password.

Normally, I won’t advise you to perform a clean install of windows 7— a process which will erase everything on your computer. I still regard windows password reset tool as the best way to reset windows 7 password.


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