Three Ways for Windows Password Recovery

As computer users, we all want our computers to get rid of peep by other gossip people. So, there are windows passwords. And sometimes users like to make the password complicated for not being easily dope out, then forgetting windows password happens. Once people use windows password, how to reset windows password is always a hot issue among computer users.

Well, whenever you need to get Windows password recovery, take it easy then, for we will show you 3 simple methods works on Windows password reset, each of them could help you get the lost Windows password reset in different cases, so that you could keep on using your computer to enjoy the music or movie or chatting with your friends without any stuck.

If you have a windows password reset disk around you, it is time for you to take it out to reset windows password.

1. Start computer and log on Windows with the locked account.

2. Enter a wrong password in the welcome screen password box, press Enter.

3. When the error message comes up, click OK.

4. Click Reset password on the following screen.

5. When the welcome screen of password reset wizard appears, click Next.

6. Follow the forgotten windows password reset wizard to reset the forgotten Windows password.

Method 2: Use Opgcrack

Users always think that windows password reset tool is more professional in windows password recovery. You can use free Windows password reset software named Ophcrack. But this program comes with huge ISO files which will take you hours to finish the downloading and installing of it.

1. Visit the site of Ophcrack, download the free ISO image, and then burn it to a CD.

2. Reboot your locked computer from the CD.

3. Ophcrack program will start to locate the Windows user accounts and get the lost Windows password recovery.

Method 3: Use Windows Password Recovery Tools

There are other windows password reset tools for windows password recovery. They are more powerful in password reset, no matter what kind of windows password. Following is the simple steps to reset your lost Windows password with this computer software:

1. Download and install the software on an accessible computer and put a CD/DVD or USB drive into it to burn a bootable password reset disk.

2. Insert the disk into the locked computer to reset windows password.

Compare all the methods above, the easiest and most efficient one is the third method. To me, I would like to use the simplest way to recover windows password. What about you?


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