Two Easy Ways To Reset Windows Vista password

Many people try to protect their personal information by setting a password as the first line, so that entering a username and password is required by default when we want to enter computer. However, the password can be easily forgotten or lost during daily life due to any reasonable or unexpected reasons. Well, you could re-log into your Windows Vista system with the methods mentioned below.

1. Reset Windows Vista password recovery in safe mode

You can recover Windows Vista password with command prompt when the computer is in safe mode on the bases that you can log on computer with another Windows Vista administrator account. If so, please try the steps below to reset the lost Windows Vista password easily and quickly:

Step 1. When your Windows Vista PC is booting, press F8 to come to the Advanced Boot Options, then click Safe Mode with Command Prompt, press Enter.

Step 2. Enter safe mode with the available administrator account, a command prompt will be appeared.

Step 3. Type net user and press Enter, all accounts on the Windows Vista PC will displayed.

Step 4. Type a password into the box, press Enter. Now you have successfully reset windows password of the locked account.

Step 5. Type shutdown -r -t 00 , press Enter.

Step 6. The Windows Vista PC will be rebooted automatically, and then you can log on the system with the new password.

As this method have restrictions that you have to get one available Windows Vista administrator account, so that this way will be out of use to those who did not get the workable account. Thus, you may try the methods below to reset the lost Windows Vista password by computer software.

2. Try reset password by free computer software

In case that you did not get an available Windows Vista administrator account, then you can turn to the free computer software worked on Windows Vista administrator password or other user account password recovery. Here we would like to introduce the most popular one named Ophcrack to you.

You just need to download the free ISO image, burn it to a CD and boot from the CD and then the Ophcrack program will start, locate the Windows Vista user accounts, and proceeds to get Windows Vista password recovery automatically by itself. However, it is a little inconvenient for taking use of this program; for it is comes with huge file that it will cost the user spend hours to download it.

Now, don’t you think it is very easy to reset the lost or forgot Windows Vista password with? And these ways also recover windows 7 password quickly and safely.

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