Two effective softwares for resetting forgotten Windows password

If one day you lost or forgot windows password, do you know the consequence? You can’t share the news with other people, can’t play computer games, can’t have a conversation online, can’t buy things through E-business, how can you bear this situation happened? However, what can you do to solve this problem and let the worst condition stopped? If you don’t know how to do, let me give you a suggestion.

password-recovery-bundle1Anypasskey is powerful tool which is specially designed for windows password recovery, it can work under windows 7/NT/XP/Vista/2000/2003, you can use it by creating a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive, then take the CD/DVD for example. After you prepared a bootable CD/DVD, inset it into an accessible computer, then download this software on the accessible computer and run Anypasskey to make the bootable CD/DVD into a useful disk, then restart your locked computer and boot from that device. Once you boot from that disk using your BIOS boot-up menu, you can select whether you want to remove a certain windows 7 password completely or save password hashes to an external file to attempt to restore them with a third party windows 7 password crackers like PC Login Now.

Windows 7 password recoveryAnother software I would like to introduce to you is Anmosoft windows password reset, it is a professional tool which is designed for windows password recovery, not like Anypasskey, it is also compatible with the new windows version—windows 8. Just like Anypasskey, the resetting process also can be finished in several minutes,it can also remove the windows 7 password instantly. However, it can’t save password hashes into an external file for it is only designed for windows password recovery.

Have you known how to do if you lost or forgot windows 7 password?  There are many other ways to recover windows 7 password on your own, you can know more about it online before you locked your PC.

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