Windows 8: Good Security Performance Deserves More Enterprise Users

Since the release of Windows 8 on August 16, it has been downloaded 500,000 times in the ten weeks. Nevertheless, 90% of IT leaders surveyed by Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, said they won’t deploy Windows 8 in any major way until 2014, two years after its launch. Enterprises are always not the first to adopt new OS in general, as it is not easy to change an entire fleet of systems from one operating system to the next. Enterprises need to consider a lot factors before they change to the new system. For example, since Windows 8 passwords are totally different from the previous systems, whether they can find reliable Windows 8 password recovery tool is a problem to think about.

As we all know, Microsoft has been committed in improving security performance of its operation systems all the time. Windows 8 will define a new direction and open up a new revenue stream for Microsoft. Now that many consumers are all set to get their hands on the new operating system for improved new security features, the most important step for Microsoft will be to see whether enterprises accept the new platform.

There are many security features in Windows 8, which are both utility and cool for everyday users in enterprises. Windows 8 is equipped with a free Microsoft antivirus and anti-malware program, Windows Defender. It is available by default. It can help protect your computer from all types of malware, including viruses, worms and bots through malware signatures from the Microsoft Malware Protection Center. Meanwhile, it can also offer real-time detections and protect your system form malware threats with file system filter. What’s more, it will interface with Windows secure boot, another new Window 8 protection feature.

In addition, Picture Password, similar to the Android Password Lock Pattern screen, enables Windows 8 user to connect a set of dots with a finger, instead of typing in text password. With Picture Password, users can freely set a pattern made up of three gestures, such as, a point, a line or a circle, on a photo or a picture. Users could choose a picture of animals and draw a circle on the head of the cutest dog. It can also be used on computers with mice, which gives companies another security option besides text password and PIN code.

In fact, there are more improved security features. The new function SmartScreen in Windows 8 enables the Microsoft to track all downloads from the Internet. This feature can be very useful to prevent phishing attacks, which is a usual means to hack passwords of enterprise PCs. Besides, Windows 8 is able to block not only rootkits, but also bootkits, which can replace boot loaders and make malware active almost once the computer starts up.

Don’t ignore Windows 8 simply because of the somewhat strange new interface. It indeed deserves you to have a try and see how its new security features can help your company.

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