Windows Password Reset Software from Anmosoft

Windows Password Reset Standard is a new release from Anmosoft in Sept. 20, 2009, which is a start-up software publisher for Windows password reset programs. Windows Password Reset Standard is professional Windows password reset software to remove Windows administrator and user password. This program highlights itself with sets of robust features as a result of cutting-edge technologies in software encryption field.

And Windows Password Reset Professional is also newly released by Anmosoft at the same time. Windows Password Reset Professional is one of the most professional Windows password recovery software to recover Windows password no matter administrator passwords or user password for you to login Windows in case the password is lost or forgotten. Instead of reinstalling the OS, which may cause data lose, users can remove the password hidden behind the black dots in the password text box on Windows Welcome screen and log into Windows with an empty password! It can erase all passwords, including the Windows administrator password, users’ passwords with administrative privileges and guests’ passwords, etc. After trials and tests, it is estimated to have a high compatibility with all Windows versions and hardware configurations, like the latest Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP, 2008, 2003, 2000, NT installed on any brands of laptops, desktop PCs and servers of any age, etc. This password recovery tool can not only be burned to CD/DVD but USB flash drive and floppy disk, which helps to excel itself as one of the best software in the encryption field. Meanwhile, the burning is efficient. If the CD/DVD, USB flash drive or floppy disk is well connected to the computer, just a mouse click of “Burn” button on the program will launch the burning, and no more than a minute will see the task finishes.

The password removing is easy and fast as well. Get the newly created device connected to the locked computer, boot the computer from it to launch the program, locate the Windows installation, select the user name whose password is to be removed from the displayed user names, and forward to remove the password will do the job.

It’s powerful enough to remove windows password of any length and complexity almost instantly. Instead of recover the password, the program removes the password, so the password length and complexity will be ignored, which increases the performance of the program to enhance the working efficiency.

Anmosoft insist providing high-quality products and renowned customer service to its clients and strategic business partners. And he did. Windows Password Reset proves it. 

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