Windows Server 2003 Password Reset

Windows password plays an important role in protecting windows from being logged in by other people you don’t want them to log in. but forgetting windows password is also a headache for computer users, especially forgotten window server 2003 password.

Windows server 2003 is often used by groups, cannot log in windows will make much work cannot be done normally. It is emergent to reset windows server 2003 password.

As it is an emergency, using windows password reset tool is the best choice. Find an accessible computer firstly and log in windows to download a windows password reset tool online or you can purchase one from formal website. Prepare a blank CD/DVD or USB drive and follow the steps below:
1. Run the program, insert the blank CD/DVD or USB drive into the computer and choose the device you just inserted and click Start.
2. A box shows up and asks you confirm to burn a windows password reset disk, click Yes.
3. Take the disk out and insert it into the locked computer, make the locked computer to boot from the disk or you will fail to reset windows server 2003 password.
4. When windows password reset interface appears, select the target windows system and user account that you want to reset password for, and click Next.
5. The software will remove the password automatically, click Reboot to restart the computer, and you can log in windows without a password.

It seems that all the resetting process of windows server 2003 password reset is just a few mouse-clicking. It shows that the tool is not complicated at all. All computer users can use it at ease, even computer novices. It can fix the emergency in a few minutes. All work can be done without delay.


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