Windows Server 2008: old but not outdated!

Is Windows Server 2008 outdated? Not at all! Let’s take Windows Server 2008 password reset tool as an example to prove my point. As we all know, passwords in Windows Server 2008 are difficult to be remembered because of the default password policies, say, password should meet complexity requirement. After the constant releases of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, the reset password Windows Server 2008 tools market is still competitive and its users can easily find a suitable tool to reset lost their Windows Server 2008 password.

The training workshops on “Windows Server 2008” conducted under FATA Institutional Strengthening Project (FISP) last month, funded by USAID, a US government agency aimed at assisting the management of FATA Secretariat (FS) and FATA Development Authority (FDA) in their capacity building initiatives. More than ten IT support engineers from FATA Secretariat and FATA Development Authority were participated, according to press release issued in February.

Besides, according to the release, two session of training will be held regarding the said topic at the Professional Development Centre of National University of Sciences and Technology (PDC-NUST) in Islamabad. The project is providing capacity building and systems development support in various subjects. IT Support and IT Training is one of the core areas of FISP Annual Plan. The training aims to develop participants’ capacity in advanced techniques of Windows Server 2008, which will result in the fluent operation of IT related activities in FS and FDA.

Then we come to a question: Why they choose Windows Server 2008? Why is Windows Server 2008 welcome by enterprises? Most private businesses, public sector and third sectors use windows technology in their day to day running. Windows Server 2008 is always their prefer choice. There are many reasons as follows, I think.

Hyper-V, IIS 7 and Server Cores are three components of Windows Server 2008 worth checking out. What’s more, the powerful functionality is the biggest advantages for business that Windows Server 2008 owns. It adds real value by simplifying users’ business operations and improving working efficiency. It incorporates many built-in features that can help improve dramatically the efficiency of users’ data center operations:

1. Hyper-V™ that virtualizes system resources without third-party software to optimize your infrastructure. It replaces Virtual Server 2005 and is an integrated part of the operating system, which comes to you at no additional cost.

2. The power management in Windows Server 2008 has many new features that will help enterprises to cut hardware and facility costs.

3. Enhanced system security and control over network access, such as the ability to reduce attack surfaces by running minimal installations, and specific features like BitLocker and NAP, is also a reason.

4. The Live Migration feature in Windows server 2008 enables it to move virtual machines without downtime.

5. In Windows Server 2008, the Remote Desktop Services makes it possible for all applications to run on a single server for greater IT security and flexibility.

6. The last reason may be its interoperability with Windows 7.It is especially useful for those who want to equip dual-system.


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